Zero Kids and Counting…

What do you think of when you think of a 30 year old woman?  Do you envision a young, sexy Cheryl Cole mantra, free, single and in 6 inch heels?  Or married, mortgage a couple of kids?  The truth is there is a very confusing pattern of where you should be at age 30.  When I was 15 and I dutifully filled out my end of year book.  I assumed that at age 30 I would be working in London (as that’s where all the magic happened) with my own house and 4 kids!  I also thought that age 30 was really old and I would be baking, knitting and wearing tweed.  Little did I know that man upstairs had other things in store for me, such as a rental agreement and at 30 something, no kids to speak of.   A little bit of baking here and there but have used Cosmopolitans and luxury holidays as a replacement for knitting and children.


Many of my girlfriends are choosing not to have children yet as either they want to concentrate on their careers as one reason.  The other is they quite frankly like having their own things not covered in peanut butter and jam.  Also to be able to leave the house to go for a glass of wine at 8pm on a Wednesday.  To be able to lie in on a weekend and spend money on shiny handbags.

I believe that women are having children slightly later in life, not just for their careers but because they want to enjoy nice things, nice holidays and save up for Jimmy Choos instead of new buggies.  The majority of my girlfriends have given themselves a very loose time frame for having children.  The pressures aren’t the same as they used to be when our mothers had us.  The only thing that can push some women into getting pregnant is the fear of her eggs drying up and the choice being taken away from her.

pic-baby-feetAccording to medical science if you are over 29 and are trying to conceive or are pregnant then you are considered an ‘old mother’.  Imagine that; not even hit the next decade of life and your eggs are starting to die on you.  Once you hit 35 your chance are cut in half of conceiving and you can probably spend the next 5 years panicking about that and having as much IVF treatment as ‘Octomom’.

I overheard a girl at work recently who said she is 24 and she is looking into fertility treatment as she was producing too many eggs.  This is a girl who is 24 (and for starters telling the whole break out area about her womb activities) but is actively trying to get pregnant.  I remember being 24 and wondering where my next dress and heels were coming from or if I was going to a club that weekend.  Certainly not fertility treatment and the rate that my eggs are being produced.

Now that makes me feel like an old mother.

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