Yes I Can

Naturally, most of us hesitate making decisions, independent on what social status we have or what our personal circumstances are. Furthermore, most of us dream about having a different life and make changes which in turn we keep postponing to the next day, then to the next, and eventually we accept things that we could change but simply won’t tackle.

But why do we hesitate?

Many of us make new year resolutions, such as exercising from now on, quit smoking or spend more time with the family. We promise to ourselves to change our style of living by sleeping more or eating healthier food. But often these resolutions are forgotten before we even start employing them.

But why do we hesitate?

The human brain loves habits, and when we do things over and over again and they “work”, the body is naturally in a less stressed state and can reduce adrenalin production. In this homeostasis it is easier for the body to keep the endocrine system in balance and our hormones at a static level. We get “used to things”. Just as we learned how to speak and to walk at a very young age, our brain goes through the same plastic changes when we learn new things and habits and then stick to them.

But what we do is not always good for us. If one is overweight, keeping the same eating habits will not be good for health but the brain can find it hard to adjust to a different style of living.

So we often try to change things and …. why do we hesitate?

This question has been answered now. Our hormonal balance will fight against changing habits.

For example. Cutting sugar from your diet is hard, despite proven scientific evidence that a “sugar addiction” is not an addiction in a classical sense as sugar does not directly alter brain chemistry. But are such statements really true?

Sugar DOES alter brain chemistry. By directly having en effect on the endocrine system and the levels of the hormones adrenalin, noradrenalin and insulin in our blood, it very well alters body and also brain chemistry. True, it does that in an indirect fashion, but withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings due to sugar lows are serious physical consequences.

But there are also decisions that have less severe physical effects and still … we hesitate.

Once a very dear friend of mine told me a story. She was at a very young age and told her mother that taking a decision only takes a split second and that what takes so much time is our pondering about making a decision.

But be assured, things do not change unless facts change and us thinking about taking decisions over and over again is certainly a waste of time at the best of times. Make a decision and stick to it and it will only take you very little time.

And yes, it is as simple as that. YES YOU CAN. YES I CAN. YES WE CAN.

Another very simple piece of information may also help you with this process. There are no right or wrong decisions. Decisions have consequences, but there is no wrong or right. Decisions are by definition neither good or evil.

Consider the consequences, weigh the facts and make the decision in a split second. Do it now rather than later. Our minds are strong and we can overcome hurdles such as brain chemistry with the power of our mind and thought. Do it and don’t look for excuses why you cannot. At the end of the day you just cheat yourself.

Even Barack Obama used this as a simple message in his last electoral campaign. Of course you can and the only thing holding you back is yourself.

Live your life or others will live it for you.

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