X Factor 2013: The Public Have Got This Wrong

Week 4 of the X Factor 2013 live shows and there was total shock as two talented acts ended up in the Sing Off. Kingsland Road and Tamera Foster got the least public votes and had to face each other in a fight to stay in the competition.

x-factor-sam-callahanBut why was Sam Callahan not in the Sing Off? The handsome boy with the ugly voice. All the judges – except of course his mentor Louis Walsh – thought that Sam’s performance on Saturday had the weakest vocals… and when they say weak, they mean WEAK! I call him McPitchy. Sam managed to charm the tone-deaf girls of Britain and they voted in their hundreds to save their favourite pretty boy. It might not be The Voice but The X Factor is still a signing competition, not a modelling shoot. Sam Callahan looks good. Hell, he probably smells good too. But the boy does NOT sound good!!!

x-factor-abiAnd what about Abi Alton? Why was she not in the Sing Off? Maybe she was hiding behind a piano as this is the only place she feels comfortable! Don’t get me wrong, it’s very nice that she can play the piano AND the guitar but the girl has absolutely no X factor and appears to have had a charisma bypass. Her daisy chain hair accessories are cute… for about 5 minutes. But for how many more weeks can we endure this one trick pony making every musical genre “her own” by using breathy vocals, big glasses and boring the audience to sleep?!

x-factor-kingsland-roadBack to the Sing Off. Kingsland Road sang first with their rendition of James Morrison’s “I Won’t Let You Go”. You could see the panic in their eyes. Their performance reeked of desperation as their vocals faltered and tuning took a nose dive as the boys struggled to keep it together at the end of the song as the tears flowed and voices trembled.

Tamera Foster then took to the stage and she was sensational. Her note perfect performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” blew us away like any good power ballad should. Tamera gave it her all and then some. She was pushing all the right buttons and kept her emotions in check right until the end. Tamera Foster might only be 16 but she is a ready made pop star who would sit very comfortably next to Beyoncé, Rihanna and Leona Lewis.

No surprises then that when it came to the judges verdict Nicole, Sharon and Louis all voted to send Kingsland Road home.

But I have to agree with Gary Barlow when he said that the “public have got this wrong”. Kingsland Road were not as good as Tamera but they were head and shoulders above the likes of Sam Callahan.

I hope that by next week the Great British Public realise that The X Factor is about finding the next big singing sensation and they stop voting for McPitchy Pretty Boy Callahan and Breathy Big Glasses Boring Abi!

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