Work Hard, Play Hard: Corporate Excursions in the UK

When you’re running a business, it can be hard to take time out and think about how to look after not only yourself but also your employees. After all, they’re the people who work for you in order to get your business to its optimum operating level, contributing skills, creative ideas and enthusiasm so that you can be as successful as possible.


Motivation is the key to a well-run business, and though there can be plenty of things that you can do to encourage your employees to want to contribute as best they can, there are others that will make them – and you – think differently about those contributions in the future.


Corporate bonding


It may sound like it’s going to be the ultimate self-help manual, but corporate bonding is nothing of the kind. It’s an opportunity for your employees – and you – to let their hair down in a semi-structured environment that promotes happiness and feeds motivation.


Some employers find it hard to have good relations with their employees, but if you organise a trip for them, then you’ll be helping everyone to bond together and improving the relationship between management and workers.


It’s not difficult, but you do need to commit to it. Once you do, there are many great places and events to explore for your corporate day out.


Theme park pleasure


Some think that theme parks are for children only; they’re not. A theme park trip is the perfect way to involve everyone, and it can be as invigorating or as relaxing as people want. Can you handle that roller-coaster ride as well as your employees?! Check out the scream levels and see!

After the thrills and spills, you can all relax in a restaurant and take the time to be sociable with each other – another great way to help people bond.

Get the heart racing

A day at the races gives the opportunity to enjoy the competitive element of having a flutter, watching the magnificent racehorses straining for the winning post, and having a convivial drink or two together plus a delicious meal.

One of the great races at which to do this is the Grand National, that global annual racing phenomenon that is one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. You could make a visit to this as a classic corporate event for your workforce, encouraging an office sweepstake by suggesting they look at Grand National Tips and even offering a special prize to the employee with the most winners on the day.

Outdoor challenges

There are many places where you can get your employees involved in outdoor activities, from zip wires and adrenaline-fueled treetop adventures to driving 4x4s on tough terrain or heading out for a paintball session.

Team building

These and many other types of corporate events are all about team building. You can help people develop new skills, accept challenges they might not otherwise have considered and, above all, make them feel that they are valued by your business.

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