Winter Fashion Survival Guide – Don’t Leave the Sunnies Behind

Every year as the seasons change and the leaves start turning lovely shades of orange, yellow and red, we start thinking about getting out our winter apparel. Unfortunately, most of us don’t stop to think about the fact that warm coats, gloves and hats are not the only protective clothing we need to worry about. In fact, our eyes are just as susceptible to damage during the winter as they are in the summer and if you are looking for trendy winter fashions, don’t leave the sunnies behind!

A Basic Rundown on Necessary Winter Apparel

When choosing a winter coat, don’t stop at the level of warmth that garment can provide because typically many winter days are snowy and blustery. Why do you think professional skiers look at the waterproof rating when buying outerwear for the slopes? Fashion doesn’t need to suffer though, as many trendy designers publish their apparel’s waterproof rating and their garments’ ability to withstand wind. Keep this in mind before buying a new coat this year.

Yes, hats are fashionable but find one that covers the ears and is thick enough to keep water and cold away from your scalp. Scarves are always trendy and this year infinity scarves are all the rage. However, don’t choose one of the lightweight lacy scarves because they offer little protection against the cold and wind. Leather gloves are usually the most protective and warmest, so these should always be your first choice.

Winter Is No Haven from Lethal UV Rays

Here is something that many people aren’t aware of. Your eyes are just as susceptible to damage from UV rays in cold winter months as they are in the summer so a good pair of sunglasses is a must. It is recommended that you buy sunglasses that have polarised lenses that block out 100% of the ultraviolet light spectrum and if you aren’t sure, there are tests that an optometrist can run to provide a UV protection rating.

Thankfully, trendy designers are keen to offer the best in UV protection so always make sure to check the rating before settling on a pair you like. Guess sunglasses is one designer collection that not only offers full protection against those harmful rays but also are reflective. Many optometrists and ophthalmologists advise that it is just as important to wear reflective sunnies as it is to wear polarised shades.

A Final Word on Winter Fashions

With increasing numbers of consumers focusing on brands that ‘make a difference’ in this world we all live in, more and more fashion houses are going green and also providing products that aim to be just as safe as they are fashionable. This is why you will find a growing number of designers listing the waterproof rating of their outerwear and others that focus on sunnies that have total protection and are reflective enough to protect the eyes. Cold is not the only threat during these long winter days, so keep safety and protection in mind when choosing apparel to be worn this time of year.

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