Why You Should Have Your Packages Sent to a PO Box

There are a number of reasons why you may want to get a PO box. A PO box can be very convenient and also allows you to have a mailing address that is separate from the address of your residence. If you run a business, this makes it easier to keep your business mail separate from your personal mail. It also makes your correspondence that is related to your business look more professional to your clients as well.

Reasons to Get a PO Box

When you get a PO box, your mail will be delivered to the post office rather than to your home or business, and you will have a shorter address which can be more convenient and easier for your clients to remember. It also looks more official and streamlined that a more traditional home address may appear.

When you have mail delivered to a PO box you can collect anytime that is convenient for you. It is also more secure since you will need to present an ID card or another form of identification in order to collect your mail from a PO box.

You also get fast delivery since you do not have to wait for your mailman to deliver your mail to your home. A PO box gives you more privacy as well, and it is fairly inexpensive to get. If you do not live in a residence that has mail service or if you move frequently a PO box is the perfect solution for you.

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that you will not be able to have all of your mail delivered directly to a PO box as the post office will not accept mail from certain couriers. The also post office will not redirect mail so certain packages and letters will be sent back to the original sender. If you receive any mail that needs to be signed for you will receive a card in your PO box. If you are unable to pick it up within seven days, it will automatically be sent back to the original sender. If you cannot pick up your mail very often and you receive a substantial amount of mail that needs to be signed for this may not be the best option for you.

Getting a PO Box is Easy

It is not very complicated to get a Chelsea MA post office PO box, and all you really need to do is fill out a quick application form at your local post office. You can also fill out the required form online if it is more convenient for you. You will also need to provide a proof of address and pay for your PO box. The cost of the PO box will depend on where you live and how many months you want to have the PO box for. Your post office will offer different payment methods as well as different options to choose from.

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