Why Visiting A Brewery Should Be On Your Bucket List

Think that all beers are created the same? You’re wrong. The beer that you taste as a finished product goes way beyond than just mere flavoring. There’s so much history, thought process, and skills that go on for every beer product. Some beer recipes are handed down from one generation to another. Hence, in countries known for its beer, breweries are a part of their history and culture. Visiting in one will open you up to an entirely new experience.

For instance, when you’re in America, and you have a Carlsberg in your hands, don’t you ever wonder how the Danish go about brewing it – before it’s canned and shipped overseas? Carlsberg is the local beer of Denmark, and sure enough, it’s processed differently and uniquely from all other beers in other countries. If you have the chance to visit Copenhagen, rather than just taking a glass of Carlsberg, bring your experience to another level by visiting its brewery.

Whether or not you’re a beer enthusiast, there are numerous reasons why visiting a brewery should also make it to your bucket list. Here are some of these:

1. You Can Support Local Breweries

The great thing about visiting a brewery is the fact that you’re able to immerse yourself in this kind of culture. Because of this, you’re giddier to try out other smaller, and local beers as well.

Apart from just the big names in the industry, there are local beers that are making handcrafted and non-mass produced beer. For instance, a trip down to Chicago (if you can’t make it overseas for now), will open you up to numerous local beers, like the Chicago Brewery, and give you a chance to support these small and up-and-coming industries.

2. You Get To Taste Strange And Different Kinds Of Brews

No two beers are alike. And, the crazy thing that you can gain from visiting a brewery is that you get to taste strange and different kinds of brews. Yes, these may not satisfy your taste buds as you like, but it’s an experience of a lifetime for you to try out.

When you see the brewers make the beer right in front of you, all the more do you get on your toes to be game for these different kinds of beer. Take note, by the time you leave the brewery, you’re going to get a little bit tipsy, but not drunk.

For instance, some of the brews that you may get to enjoy are:

  • Coconut flavored beer
  • Apple flavored beer
  • Berry-flavored beer
  • Cinnamon beer

How weird are those? Nevertheless, they’re worth the experience.

3. You Can Bring Your Whole Family With You To Relax

When you’re traveling with family and young children, one of your biggest concerns might be whether or not you can bring your kids with you. You’ve long been craving to relax and have a good time, but you know that going to a pub or bar just wouldn’t cut it with young kids in tow.

If there’s a brewery where you are, then grab the chance to visit it. Brewery goers are there mostly to try out different beer in small quantity and to just see the experience in general. Rarely is it that you’ll see people getting drunk and crazy, like the usual scene on a bar.

Breweries offer a much more relaxed experience, much like how a coffee shop does. Yes, some might get tipsy, because that’s still alcohol after all, but it’s not enough to have a sense of danger – when all you want to do is relax, even with children along in the group.

Plus, you get to learn a piece of history, too. Much like how wine is to Italy, and tea is to the United Kingdom, there’s a piece of history that you can learn from visiting breweries. If you have children who are old enough to appreciate this, then it’s a must for you not to miss out on.

4. You Get To Taste Nothing Else But The Freshest Beer

In breweries, you’re guaranteed that you have nothing else, but the freshest beer – with the best quality served to you.

These aren’t canned and loaded with preservatives, to make it past the importation phase. Beers generally take six hours to brew, and two weeks to ferment. After, they serve it fresh, straight to their customers. If you’re on tour, these breweries are quite generous with their serving. You may even have more – for the unique flavor that you strangely like.


Visiting a brewery goes beyond just trying new things. If you’re not the type who loves beer, there’s always a first time!

Beer is more than just the alcoholic beverage that you think it is. For some cultures, it’s a piece of history and a part of a tradition.

When you walk into a brewery, you also realize that each process of every brand, from another country, can be an individually new and entirely unique experience. Plus, it’s a great gift to bring back home to your family.

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