Why Sleeping on Memory Foam Isn’t for Everyone

Since the introduction of memory foam technology to the bed industry back in the 1980s, all manner of people have rushed to purchase memory foam beds with the poor assumption of a “serve-one-serve-all” notion. This is after plenty of misleading advertising over the years from mattress salesmen who needed to make a penny desperately. They have tainted the image of foam beds giving it an exaggerated appeal that has often cases misled the masses. So, if you ask me whether or not memory foam is for everyone, the answer is a direct NO!

To better understand my misgivings, it’s better you hear firsthand for yourself the basics about memory foam beds. Although there are some pretty good options as shown on https://www.topmattress.com/best-memory-foam-mattress/, these type of beds won’t be good for some people.

A Brief Introduction to Memory Foam Technology

It so happened back in 1966 that NASA engineers grew this deep and dire need to come up with a uniform set that protected the pilot as well as provided for maximum comfort. The genius, Charles Yost, came up with a synthetic viscoelastic material that positively responded to heat and pressure. It was particularly attractive as it could absorb a rather high energy amount and still remain soft. In no time, memory foam came to be the chocolate medicine in the sleep industry.

Since different manufacturers use different materials to come up with their memory foam formula, there’s a whole bunch of chemicals that find their way here. Some of these include methylene dianiline, methylbenzene, vinylidene chloride, dimethylformamide, formaldehyde, acetone and methylene chloride whose use has decreased with time as a result of pollution regulations and EU restrictions. There are rarely used products which could also be banned in other countries. They include 1,1,1,2 tetrachloroethane and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which have since the 1990s been banned in the US as ‘blowing agents’.

How Appealing is Memory Foam?

Memory foam has the ability to conform to your body pattern thus taking away all the pressure from your spinal code. There is, however, a wide variety of memory foam in the market and one is not to assume the same service from all memory foam beds. The construction of foam beds will vary in densities while others just use layers of memory foam integrated with other material. Taking a look at recent trends, mattresses nowadays are being bought inside a box – imagine a full sized king bed decompressing to fit inside a box. This is also a marketing form to cut down on manufacturing costs as it becomes quite expensive to make an all-foam bed.

You probably might know this or not: the secret to knowing which memory foam will work for you is in realizing your sleeping position. Side sleepers will particularly benefit from the softer foam beds as they get extra support from a pillow on the head and another between their knees. This is to ensure the spine is all leveled up. Back sleepers will also benefit from a relatively firmer memory foam bed while stomach sleepers would derive maximum satisfaction by heading for a firmer option other than memory foam.

Some simple factors to consider before purchasing a foam bed would be to start by having a look at your weight. You might also reconsider your decision if you find yourself allergic to VOCs which are emitted during the first weeks. Poorer memory foam beds will have plastic odors coming out especially when the bed is still new. If you’re allergic to the same, try traditional options of memory foam.

Remember commenting on how there is a foam mattress for everyone? Assuming you weigh more than the average person, consider going for a memory foam bed measuring 6lbs per cubic feet for a valued experience. They are quite expensive but will offer the most durability as well as comfort feel. Nonetheless, if after reading this you still find yourself with reservations concerning memory foam beds, there are plenty of other options in the market which will also appeal to you. Having the best of nights should be your top-most priority

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