Why Should You Rent a Van for Your Move?

Renting a van when moving is a great way to avoid stress and hassle. It offers many benefits like convenience, affordability, and professionalism.

In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons you should rent a van for your move. We will also provide some reminders for when you compare van rental deals.

Renting a Van Saves Time

It can be frustrating to think about all the time and effort you’ll exert when moving by yourself.

Renting a van and a reliable moving service will help you reduce the time you’ll spend moving. You can save hours of packing, loading, and unloading.

Rentals are Cheap

Van rentals are also popular because they’re cheap.

Many rentals have fixed costs, while others have varying rates. Prices are usually charged using the following system:

  • Fixed per-day rate – this allows for more flexibility and is ideal for multiple dropoffs when you move.
  • Hourly rate – this is more common for one-day van hire and good for those who will only make one trip.
  • Per-mile Rate – you pay by the miles. This is ideal for short journeys with huge items.

Vans have Different Sizes

Another feature that adds to the flexibility of van rentals is the different sizes you can choose from.

If you’re moving only a small amount of household things, save money and choose a smaller van. If there’s more, hire a larger van to haul more items and make fewer trips.

Vans are Great for Short and Long Distances

You can use vans to travel to the next city or region without much hassle. If you choose the right kind of van to rent, your trip will be a lot easier.

Again, the flexibility of prices and van sizes help with this. For instance, if you’re traveling long-distance, you can rent a bigger van to haul more items in one trip.

You can then choose a fixed day rate instead of the per-mile rate so you can lessen the cost.

Van Rentals Often have Insurance

You must have motor insurance to drive on UK roads. Most van rental companies also offer insurance plans for any damaged, broken, or missing items.

Make sure to request detailed information about the insurance coverage hired by the van rental company. See if there are any extensions.

Meanwhile, third-party insurance coverage is also recommended for one-day hires. This option is also ideal for self-drive van hire.

Trained and Experienced Drivers

If you own heavy furniture and other large, fragile items, van rental shops often use trained and experienced drivers to ensure your belongings remain safe.

It’s best to supervise the loading and unloading of these items into the van, too. Be attentive and present to observe or prevent any incident.

Things to Consider Before You Rent a Van

Those are the benefits of hiring a van for your move. However, before you call your dealer and rent a van, make sure you consider the following questions first:

  • How much is your budget? Make sure you have the right kind of budget for the van hire. Also, be on the lookout for usual issues related to renting a vehicle.
  • How many trips are you going to do? That is, how many times are you willing to go back and forth for your move?
  • What are your packing materials? Consider the price and where you’ll get them. Boxes aren’t always enough.
  • Do you need extra help with the lifting, loading, and unloading? If you have a lot of belongings, you might want to have extra pairs of hands to do the job. Make sure you also consider how much you’ll pay for the help.
  • Are there any awkward or difficult to move items? If some items are oversized or awkward, make sure you plan how you’ll move them into the property.

These are the benefits of renting a van for your move and the things you must consider. Ready to move? Good luck!

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