Why Carpet is the Best Choice for Bedrooms

Different rooms in your house may require different types of flooring, depending on the use of the space. Places with a great deal of activity require dense flooring that will sustain the test of time. The design and the beauty of the flooring matters too.

Bedrooms require a soft flooring for a good feeling on your feet as you step. The flooring in the bedroom should not be one that makes the room cold.

Carpets make good flooring for various rooms depending on their density, resilience, thickness and material used to make them. It’s the best flooring to use on your bedroom for various reasons.

Here are the reasons why Carpet is the best choice of flooring for bedrooms.

4 Reasons Carpets are Ideal for Bedrooms

1.    Warmth and softness

Carpets in your bedroom, offer warmth. This is such that you can sit with your kids and play on the floor. You can step out of bed in the morning without the fear of your feet meeting a cold floor. Carpets prevent you from feeling the cold that’s usually on the floor.

The softness of the carpet is good for babies. Babies learning how to walk don’t face high risks on carpets. When they fall, the softness of the carpet reduces impact that could cause injuries. It’s like a cushioned surface offering soft landing. The softness of carpets provide some safety in the bedroom.

2.    Quietness

Unlike some flooring, carpets have a tendency to soundproof floors. It reduces the sound produced by walking, by 25 to 34 decibels. If you hate noise or have a small baby around, carpet will work best for you. Your baby will not be awakened by noises as you carry out your other activities.

You can have good rest too while your children are playing. This is so because carpets also reduce sound transmission from neighboring rooms.

3.    Make breathing easy

It is easier to breathe in your bedroom with carpet as compared to having other floorings. Carpets trap allergens better than hard-surfaced floorings do. Trapping the allergens reduces them in the atmosphere. This provides good clean air in your bedroom which is nice for resting.

You need to clean your carpet frequently. This helps to remove the trapped allergens. It prevents allergic reactions such as asthma for yourself and children while sitting on the carpet. The allergens do not rise back to the air when there’s disturbance on the carpet such as walking.

4.    Economical and variety

The bedroom is not a room that visitors access. It is only for the people residing in the house. There is therefore no need to stress yourself by going out of the way to get something big. It is economical compared to many floorings. This saves you some money that you can add to better the floorings of other rooms.

Despite its inexpensiveness, it has a variety of designs and styles. It will still make your bedroom beautiful. You will also get the design, color and material you want. It does not limit you.

Check out Empire Floors for a wide range of carpets to choose from for your bedroom.

Photo by Trang Nguyen on Unsplash

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