Who All Are The Famous Brothers and Sisters Of India?

India is the land where Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with quite fun and excitement and therefore finding the famous or the most famous brother and sister duo is like mandatory. It is so because we want to show the world that we not only believe in the tradition of Raksha Bnadhan, but really a sisters blessings a brother can achieve a lot in life. In every field you step in, you would find at least one set of brother-sister who are par excellence. So, bless your brother and buy rakhi online from hordes of online gift shops and make your brother happy.


Let’s remember some of the brother-sister stalwarts.

  1. Rahul & Priyanka: They were born with silver spoons in their mouth. Because belonging to that one family that has always controlled the country is not a small task – right? Rahul Gandhi has always been involved in direct politics and Rae Bareilly is the seat from where he always wins. Priyanka on the other hand has still not shown any interest in politics but is always there to cheer up her mother and brother. Now that’s like a perfect sister who never stops supporting her brother.
  1. Omar Abdullah & Sara Pilot: Well, this brother-sister duo is blessed with immensely good looks. Sara is really a great woman who runs her own NGO that works for women empowerment while her blessings and love for her brother made him the 11th Chief Minister of J&K. Also remember that he is the youngest Chief Minister of our country.
  1. Rahul & Dola Banerjee: Both these people belong to the field of sports. Yes, they are quite popular and winner of prestigious awards for their mastery of archery. Both of them have won World Cup for Archery as well as other international sports meet. They have been winning medals since 2007 and continues to charm the archery lovers.
  1. Arun Shourie & Nalini Singh: Well many people doesn’t know that these people are related to each other as brother-sister. The always kurti-bindi-stole clad fire brand journalist who has been in the field since the time of Doordarshan and she still looks as fresh as a flower. Arun on the other hand has also been a journalist but later became more famous as a politician. He also worked as an economist with the World Bank.
  1. Saqib Salem & Huma Qureshi: Both of these are powerhouse artists who are basically seen in realistic cinema. While Huma’s fearless acts of Gangs of Wasseypur, Ek Thi Dayan,a nd Dedh Ishqiya has won her accolades. Saqib’s recognition in Bollywood with portrayal of a gay in Bombay talkies is a much talked topic.

Taking inspiration from these stalwarts, you should also gear up to achieve something great in life. In case you are away from India, let your love and blessing reach with online rakhi delivery in India.

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