Which Type Of Mattress Beds Are Best For Pre-Race Sleep?

This year, I’ve done a couple of races, but most of them have been quite frustrating. I’ve had a difficult time trying to get some sleep the night before I go racing. So, what do you think could be the problem? Well, while there may be a lot of reasons behind my lack of sleep, reviews from Try Mattress showed me that I’m just sleeping in an uncomfortable bed!

Today, I would like to take you through some of the most suitable mattress beds for cyclists living across all corners of this world. So, if you’re suffering from the same problem, you’ll know which one to go for.

Casper Mattress

When I first came across this mattress, I wasn’t quite sure of its level of support. However, I later discovered that it’s backed by designers such as Steven Alan and actors like Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s great for cyclists who prefer sleeping on their back and is guaranteed to serve you for more than a decade.

Besides, it’s even stable and breathable to keep your body cool and properly supported during the night. You can also get it as a double, single, king or super king size bed!

Simba Mattress

If you’re a light person, this is the best mattress for you. It’s a vacuum packed mattress made from:

  • 16cm foam core
  • 3cm Memory foam
  • 4cm Micro-pocket springs

What I love most about it is that it’s softer than the other mattresses on this list. It gives cyclists stable support, and it’s quite breathable. Furthermore, it matches studies from the Oklahoma State University which tell us that a good mattress should give you a long life of quality sleep and comfort!

Might you also be looking for a mattress that’s easy to turn? If so, then the Simba brand is arguably your best choice. You’ll even find it in double, small double, super king or king sizes.

Eve Mattress

Here is a bed that’s rolled, vacuum packed and you can have it delivered right to your doorstep if you decide to get it online. It has two layers of foam plus a 3.5 cm memory foam layer at the top. I even found out that if you’re a light-weight and a side sleeper, this might be the most comfortable mattress that you’ll ever come across.

It’s not only soft but also quite supportive, giving all cyclists a stable and cozy sleep. It’s a fabulous bed which you can get in almost 11 sizes ranging from single all the way to 7 by 7 foot mattresses!

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