When Your Face is Your Fortune

In each life there comes at least one special moment which if properly recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever. World famous face reading expert extraordinaire Jean Haner has been helping to create such special moments for her clients for over 25 years.

Jean Haner - Face Reading Expert

A compassionate and caring spiritual teacher she is sought out by professionals from all walks of life. From social workers, therapists, human resource staff, health practitioners and parents to name just a few. Since writing her first and second book The Wisdom of Your Face and The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face which were both runaway successes and published by an equally inspirational lady- Louise L. Hay, Jean has hardly had a moment to herself! Due to public demand Jean is working on a new book to be released soon.

In her work she uses powerful techniques to ‘read’ people’s true inner natures applying ancient Chinese principles steeped in spiritual symbolism and sacred significance to help restore health and balance. No stranger to oriental wisdom and the affirmative power of love, Jean equates healing as a tangible aspect of love both existing alongside each other and essential to facilitating recovery.

Through her detailed insights she has achieved an awakening in her clients and the integration of this has greatly facilitated the activation of Consciousness and the space for open heartedness in every aspect of life. Her wonderful workshops often open up new possibilities and discharge and loosen up old experiences that have created stumbling blocks in the personality. According to Jean any clutter emotional or physical, restricts the flow of energy or Chi around it, causing stuck energy in the life of the individual.

Curious about Jean’s talent for reading faces I submitted several questions to her for reflection and these are the answers that I received.

As well as my questions, I was fortunate enough to have the kind assistance of Mrs Denise Wilson who volunteered to bravely have her face read by Jean.

Shahnaz: What significance to the flow of emotional and career energy can facial tattoos and piercings play?

Jean: There are so many important acupuncture points in the face and it is always advised to consult a acupuncturist before piercing or tattooing any part of the face or body so you can get educated on how you might be unintentionally and adversely affecting your system.

S: When contemplating facial cosmetic procedures/surgery what should individuals be considering in your opinion before committing themselves?

J: You are born with the features that you have for a reason. Your face is a reflection of your personal blueprint, your true inner spirit; the plan for who you came here to be and what you came here to learn. If you alter your face, you are changing your blueprint without knowing the implications. If you make changes to your face, you are disturbing your own blueprint and it can put your life out of balance. If you change your face, you can change your destiny.

S: In your view, using your techniques, which Hollywood A Listers have the ‘perfect’ face for success in terms of a balanced inner nature?

J: There is no such thing as a perfect face, nor a balanced inner nature.

S: Many movies depict gangsters having scars. What significance does having scars on a given area of the face mean for an individual?

J: A scar indicates two things; 1) a personal challenge in our lives that we need to learn from; and 2) a depletion in the energy of whatever feature it marks. Face reading can help you create healthy change in your life.

S: Following on from the above, can facial disfigurement through trauma, accident or violence significantly alter an individual’s future luck?

J: Issues of ‘luck’ are superstitious uses of face reading and have no place in the deeper understanding of how it can guide us to living a life of compassion for ourselves and others. Facial disfigurement does have a meaning but the meaning depends on what features were affected and how.

S: What features are auspicious to look out for when dating a prospective partner?

J: There are no such things as ‘auspicious’ features; each person has their own personal nature and it is by learning who you are yourself that you can see who will be a good match in dating.

S: Many elderly people through age suffer diminished vision and are vulnerable to abuse from strangers visiting their homes. Are there particular facial features indicative of a criminal disposition?

J: Anyone who is out of balance in life can behave in dishonest or criminal ways. Face reading gives you the ability to read the level of someone’s imbalance, and in what ways they are out of balance, and how they might behave as a result. So it is invaluable in terms of hiring people or knowing what to expect from them in any interaction.

S: In terms of the subject’s photo that I have provided for analysis, what can you ascertain from her face please? Denise is in her early 50’s.

Mrs Denise Wilson - Face Reading Subject

J: Denise has excellent taste, a natural sense of style and is very charming with other people. She is a highly sensitive person and will notice details others miss. She is very aware of little nuances and subtleties. She is also extremely affected by the energy of other people and may not like crowded places because the energy of all those other people is too intense. She will need private time on a regular basis just to get away from the very strong energy of the world. Denise has got what I call a “ Queen’s face’ and this means she can hold power and speak up in some way. This can indicate that she can give advice to others and it can also mean she can excel in a position of power; for instance, running a business or managing staff. She has a natural sense of beauty and will need to live a life where beauty is a major factor, whether that is living in a beautiful home, wearing beautiful clothes or creating beautiful experiences for others.

Under stress, she will be quite anxious and in life overall, she will need to be mindful of her energetic boundaries. She can be quite a psychic sponge, soaking in everyone else’s energy and being affected by it. She may have had at least one romantic partner who was unfaithful to her, or it is possible that she may have been the one to stray within a relationship. In this stage of life, it will be important for her to focus on how happy she is in all her relationships and in life in general.

If there is anything she has not got in her life, now is the time for her to give it to herself, and in this year especially. Giving herself beautiful gifts is a powerful source of medicine to bring her life back into balance.

Denise was very impressed with the accuracy of Jean’s face reading analysis. She is indeed an extremely artistic and creative personality with an excellent eye for detail as Jean quite rightly picked up. Her work as a professional Senior Medical Secretary for a respected team of Consultant Surgeons means that she is often under pressure to ensure that hospital operation waiting lists are correct and that patients are offered the best possible care and attention. Her calm and caring nature means that she is very much loved and has close friends with whom she can fully be herself.

My thanks to Jean Haner for making herself available to be interviewed. For further information on Jean Haner’s wonderful work and forthcoming new book please visit her website at www.wisdomofyourface.com. You can contact Jean in the USA on Tel: 760-632-1153 or Fax: 760-632-2404 . You can also write to her at: Jean Haner, PO Box. 235013, Encinitas, California, USA.

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