When the Honeymoon Period is Over

At what point is it that we notice that our relationship has slipped from sexy to slippers?  You and your man have been dating for a few months, maybe even a year.  Everything is new and beautiful (that includes the two of you), you and your man can’t wait for the weekends when you can go on proper dates together.  High heels and your La Perla’s for special occasions.  Weekends consist of fancy restaurants, cocktails and all the dessert you can eat!  Time is taken with your appearance, not that you need to have a full face of make up on every time you see him, but you make an effort to have your hair nice and make sure your shaved and waxed everywhere.  When you’re not being wined and dined with the hottest man in the room, you’re having weekends away together and fun days out to the zoo.  Little trinkets are exchanged and ‘I saw these and thought of you’ becomes a regular phrase.  You want to spend every moment together, oh the glorious honeymoon period!

So when do the late night rendezvous start to take a back seat?  It’s more of a gradual slope you can’t ever spot this overnight.  Bunches of Lilly’s slowly get exchanged for a packet of Jelly Tots from round the corner.  Friday nights have succumbed to a few pints and a couple of Sambuca shots round the local.  Trying to dodge any scraps with the local tools, (or each other).  It’s not even worth putting any heels on as your too scared of someone throwing Jack Daniels on them, or worse, them sticking to the floor with every instep.  One minute you’re sipping on a crisp Chardonnay with your hot man, the next it’s a warm sprite in front of EastEnders.

This isn’t anything either of you even notice until it’s too late though.  You realise that your once grey period pants have now become the norm for a Saturday night in with your man.  You realise that you’re only now shaving your legs when you can see them through your tights.  The holes in his pants are OK as long as he doesn’t wear them to try and seduce you.  And when did it become OK to break wind in front of your partner?!  You’ve become accustomed to going braless at home and living in your joggers as soon as you get in from work.  Days out and Michelin star meals are a distant memory and are only saved for birthdays and anniversaries (if you’re lucky).  A romantic meal for two is a Domino’s and a fight over the last slice.

You look at other nauseating couples in the pub whose PDA’s would give Christian Grey a run for his money.  All loved up and romantic together, you remember what the two of you used to be like; all new and exciting, snogging at every opportunity.  Life can often get in the way of romance, dates turn into just hanging out together and conversation is intermittent between advert breaks.  It’s a sad day when you put making tea before making out!

It doesn’t need to be like this boys and girls!  You’re together for a reason, because you’re in love and enjoy each others company; sometimes you just need reminding of that.  Remember the romance and cease the day!  Time to step it up boys and girls, put those La Perlas back on, iron a shirt and get out of town for a slap up meal!  Go on your worth it!

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