When Life Takes Over

So it’s been a good 10 years of drinking, debauchery and some promiscuity thrown into the mix.  Mojitos on a Tuesday and suddenly realising its 4am.  Partying till dawn on a weekend and having to choose between buying food and going out that night, (food always lost).  The biggest priorities in my life used to be making sure I didn’t wear the same top 2 Saturdays in a row in case someone actually noticed!  Spending my last £50 on new shoes and accessories.  I used to spend whole days getting drunk and would be out 3-4 nights a weeks with my buddies.  This was what my life was about, partying, having fun and buying out Smirnoff for a small fee!  But there comes a time in life when all that changes for some people, mainly me.


Yes I am swapping Smirnoff for sudocream on a Friday night and Mojitos for milk because in a couple of weeks’ time I will be wholly responsible for another human being.  Making sure this person is fed and watered and content and warm.  Making sure they have everything they need all the time, that they don’t over heat or become too cold.  Basically spending everyday trying not to kill them and making sure they are OK!  My life is soon to become swamped with pampers and cute little baby grows, booties and hats, swaddles and play mats.  Now if I have a spare £50 it’s spent on sterilisers, baby grows and cot bedding!  It’s amazing how much preparation goes into someone who isn’t even here yet.

Your life goes from 60 – 0 in a matter of minutes, from the moment that clear blue PREGNANT sign flashes up.  It’s a case of ok so no more wine on a Tuesday (or any night for that matter), no more shellfish or soft cheeses in case of bacteria which will harm this little person.  Who by the way at this point in probably the size of an acorn.  No more piping hot baths, just luke warm ones in case little one over heats.  Let’s take all these delicious foods and drinks you have once been indulging in and replace that with constant vomiting, swollen ankles and heartburn so bad that it wakes you up in the night and you find that the only drink you can consume is water.  Drinking gaviscon like its milk on a daily basis!  These are the new cocktails that consume your life for the next 9 months.  Yummy.  Mummy.

The day that you realise your skinny jeans cannot be shoehorned into anymore is a sad day and wondering if they are every actually going to fit you again is even sadder!  Frantically smothering myself in bio oil for fear of hideous stretch marks may surface, and at £20 a bottle is not cheap my friends!  Weight gain where your too fat for your own clothes but not big enough for maternity stuff.  But then you get past the just looking like you’ve had a really big sandwich stage and your bump suddenly appears and it’s magical and it all becomes very real.  Suddenly all you want to do is show off your big tummy to the world.  All the heartburn, the vomiting and the constant trips to the toilet suddenly become all worth it as you are cooking a baby in there and it all becomes very real.  It’s the beginning of a new life where you have to put someone else before yourself.


It’s a scary and exciting time for everyone involved and I wasn’t sure I was ready to begin with.  To be responsible for another person, ready to give up my life of doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it and not having to think about anyone else really.  However its come to a time now where I cannot wait for my little pumpkin to get here, I’m counting down the days until he or she arrives!  I have realised that I will have found my new happiness and it involves goodnight cuddles, bath time, bedtime stories, all the kisses I can muster and an unconditional love for my new best friend.

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