Oh greenish man where are you now,

Your trunks, your bones all in a row.

No singing bird, no breeze in the branches,

Only deserted man made tranches.

And fallen leafs alone and forgotten,

The land is dead all nature is rotten.

Where is deer and fox and badger?

Oh, greedy man you thief and cager!

Green and happy was the weald,

Like a magic mighty shield.  

Trees where high, though and strong,

To the world soul they belong.

 In their gracious, embracing kind,

They left not a single creature behind.

When shade and light so shyly met,

The air was filled, the scene was set,

For all ever repeating dramas of life,

For little ants and bees in their hive.

For hunting wolf and the little squirrel,

 The woodland was a breathing pearl.

But meanwhile in a tiny dark slot,

A paper contains the evil plot.

On a desk we find this folder,

With a gift for the shareholder,

To flatten all what nature made,

And kill off life and let it fade.

In an  air-conditioned room,

Mankind creates its doubtful doom.

A state of cruelty, terror and death,

Until we take our final breath.

The world will have another shape,

And orphans the little crying ape,

Who’s finger once touched the human spirit,

 Creators we where of genius inherit.

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About Anja Jaenicke

Anja Jaenicke is a poet, painter, screenwriter, filmmaker and Thinker cum Arte from Germany. She started her career as a film actress for German film and television and was awarded with film awards like the German Film Award, the Bavarian Film Award and the BAMBI. In the last years Anja has written poetry and articles for magazines and published several lyric books like: 'The Second Face, 'Ajna-The Book of Immortality' and 'Water &Earth”. This year she was awarded as 'Distinguished Visionary of the Year 2018' by the prestigious VedIQ Guild Foundation. In her spare time Anja loves to take long walks with her dog through the Bavarian countryside and listens to the voice of nature wherein everything else is included.
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