What Women Love in Bed: an Honest Insight

One of the most exciting issues for a man is the question “What kind of sex does a woman want?” Sex has always been associated with pleasure. By “always” I mean thousands of years. Yet, we have no answer to the question.  Well, no one will tell you for sure but the most clear and truthful answer should be given by women precisely. If not them, who?

Each woman is an individual with her individual habits, whims, fantasies, desires and principles. Many of them do not know what they want or do not see their goals clearly, some of them have precise “weak points”. You may be precise and study what Ukrainian girls like in bed, for example.  But, to tell the truth, these things (weak points, individual features) do not make women’s sexual preferences less understandable in general. Thus, here are some things, which ALL WOMEN love in bed:

  • Women like when their partners turn them on not only physically, but also emotionally.
  • Words are aphrodisiacs. If you want to have sex frequently and make it last longer, speak more.
  • The more housework you do, the bigger is her sexual desire to you.
  • Women want to initiate sex but need to work up an appetite from time to time. Thus, don’t demand it from her on a daily basis.
  • It is much more difficult to achieve orgasm for women, so do not hurry your beloved.
  • Be gentle. Women’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than yours. Touches, which are normal for you, are often painful and uncomfortable for her.
  • Do not think that women like romantic sex exclusively. They also enjoy wild and unbridled sex. Sometimes.
  • In order to achieve orgasm women need not only foreplays but also stimulation of the clitoris.


Slow pleasure

Having a penis in your arsenal is only 10 % of your success. If you want to make this night unforgettable for her, you should make a huge effort. 9 out of 10 women will achieve a vivid and a truly piercing orgasm if a man takes care of it before the sexual intercourse begins. Statistics show that almost all women prefer mild and tender sex. The female potency is significantly different from the male one, and you need to spend more time to set it ready. If you practice sudden raids on your woman and flash-like sex, then you can leave her unsated. But do not forget about yourself. Don’t idolize her in bed. The old good 69 position always comes to the rescue in such situations. If you are not used to experiments, you can start practicing oral sex for five minutes, for example.

The kiss: passionate or gentle

Forget about yourself as an individual during the sex. You should consider both your and her preferences here. Women love kissing. You should take this into account because women pay more attention to kissing than to the sex itself. Remember the Pretty Woman movie with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? Call girls do everything but kissing because kisses are too intimate. In general, relationships between men and women begin with a kiss. Start start from the lips, then slowly go to the neck. You should to kiss everything you see. But make her to wipe your slobbery with a towel afterwards. Your breathing should be heavy and loud, it will 100% turn her on. The manifestation of affection must be stable and passionate, but careful, because a woman’s body is more prone to bruises.

Caress her body

As soon as you are done with her neck, start kissing her ears. You should cover the lobes and the auricle with kisses. Your breathing here will also give passion to the process, but do not breathe directly into her ear.

Breasts, as well as nipples, are one of the most erogenous zones on a woman’s body. Do not bite, pinch and twist her nipples. If you have turned her on, the nipples will become hard and sensitive to pain. If you ignore this rule, you can easily spoil everything. Gently grasp the entire breast with your palm. Another sensitive thing is the navel. Do not forget about it. And if you are not fastidious, try kissing the toes. It won’t remain unnoticed.

Women love experiments, so do not limit yourself.

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