What Vape Products Are Still Allowed under the New E-Cigarette Policy?

Vapers may no longer have the freedom of using the e-cig product of their choice. The reason is the new E-Cig policy released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in February 2020. This policy was proposed by the President of the United State, Donald Trump sometime in September 2019.

While this new policy does not in any way ban vaping, restrictions were placed on a few vaping devices & products. The objective of this new policy is to help manage the influx of young people into the vaping world.

As a result, limitations have been placed on the production and use of some flavored E-Cig products that the FDA perceived may be the reason behind the influx of youths into vaping. The banned flavors include any fruit-flavored E-Cig products.

The policy came into effect 30 days after its release. Vaping product manufacturers have been instructed to discontinue the production and sales of sweet-flavored vaping products that may appeal to kids. Any violation of this new policy exposes the manufacturer to the risk of enforcement action from the FDA.

While this new policy ensured the discontinuance of the manufacturing of specific vaping products, a lot of loopholes have also been created as a result.

Menthol-flavored vaping devices designed to function with the use of closed e-liquid cartridges have been exempted from this ban. This implies that there is no form of restriction on the common menthol-flavored e-cig products like JUUL. Also, all refillable and disposable cartridge e-cig products have been excluded from these restrictions (including the popular gummy bear and cotton candy all other flavors). Check out this important source for more information.

The new vaping policy has faced a lot of criticism from reputable public health institutions in the US. The criticism is fueled by the perception that the profits and politics of the vaping industry were prioritized ahead of the general health of the youths in the country. The president of one public health institution that voiced displeasure with the new policy stated that most vaping product manufacturers will consider this new policy as a huge win.

He further indicated that the negative effects of nicotine on the developing brain have not been dealt with by the new policy. His major concern is that manufacturers that produce addictive vaping products that attract kids have been let off the hook. He further believes they are in no way restricted by the new policy.

Several studies indicate that the reason for the high numbers of youths who are vaping can be traced to flavored E-Cig products. Reports show that more than 95 percent of youths who vape only use flavored vaping products.

Although a review of the new policy is scheduled to take place in May 2020, retail outlets still have the freedom to sell candy and sweet-flavored e-liquids. However, mint-flavored E-Cig products remain banned from production.

This implies that vapers can continue enjoying sweet-flavored vaping products without the fear of being prosecuted by the FDA.

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