What to Rent and What to Buy for Your Wedding

Did you know that the average American spends $33,931 on their wedding? This figure comes from the 2018 Real Weddings Study by The Knot, which also found that New York couples spend the most at a whopping $76,944 – and that’s excluding the engagement ring. Don’t forget about the honeymoon, as that’s not included either.

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So, when it takes the price of an average car to walk down the aisle, it’s important to determine how you can make the most out of every dollar you invest. Choosing to rent certain items instead of buying them outright is one way to do exactly that. While it may be tempting not to, you have to ask yourself: “Will I really use this afterwards?”

Let’s take a look at some key wedding items and discuss why you should buy or rent them.

Rent: Linens, Runners and Napkins

Considering that linens are time-consuming to prepare, difficult to store, and just plain expensive, renting them is by far a better option. This also spares you the effort of ironing or steaming them as the rental company does this for you. Chances are that you won’t need dozens and dozens of napkins or runners, so renting is a smart decision here, too.

Rent: China and Chargers

There probably isn’t a foreseeable future where you’ll need 100-plus plates. Your china and chargers are also one aspect of your wedding that guests notice, which means you’ll want to splurge on something that makes a good impression. In addition to their extravagant catalogue of china and chargers, this wedding rentals Dallas company offers a range of chairs, tables, flatware, accessories, glassware, and other useful wedding rentals.

Rent: Glassware

Some of your guests will inevitably put down a full drink before picking up a new one. Some will further diminish your glassware supply by breaking their flute altogether. So, you’ll need to have a few more glasses than guests, which probably totals a fairly high number. Save your money and opt for renting the glassware instead.

Rent: Furniture

Using the venue’s furniture is a great way to keep your costs down, but if you’ve budgeted for it, consider taking the rental route. Unless your honeymoon plans involve opening a movie theater, there’s probably nowhere to put all those chairs anyway.

Buy: Wedding Outfit

Buying your own wedding outfit not only ensures that you have something to remember your special day by, but it also ensures that you’ll be wearing something that’s tailored to your body. Plus, you might be able to hand it down to a loved one in the future.

Buy: Ceremony Rugs

Rugs are becoming an increasingly popular way to line the aisle and they’re worth buying as you can always use them in your home afterwards. That way, you can recall strutting down the aisle on your special day every time you walk down your hallway.


As for whether there are any other items worth buying outright, it largely depends on their utility after the event. If you see yourself using it in the future, it might be worth keeping. Otherwise, save your money and sign the rental contract.

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