What Makes Some Women Marry So Quickly?

With yet another marriage under her belt, Katie Price proves to us that she is a woman with little or no morals when it comes to getting married.  Marrying former stripper Kieran Hayler after only 2 months of knowing him is proving to be the norm for ‘The Pricey’.  Nothing pricey about marrying someone after 8 weeks of knowing them.  With Alex Reid married and divorced in under a year and Peter Andre under her belt, if I was Kieran I would be worried this may not be the true love story he is after.  She is the modern day Joan Collins except cheaper, tackier and cheaper again.


Katie is just another celebrity in a long line of celebs who decide that marrying and divorcing in under a year is suddenly the thing to do.  She’s not the only one who is at it, let’s all take a little look at the ridiculous life of Kim Kardashian and her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries.  We were led to believe that he was her true soul mate and the KKK Klan was going to spout wings in the shape of teeny tiny Kids.  Instead, after spending an eye watering £13 million pounds on her wedding she still decides that throwing in the towel after 72 days is completely justified.  Go Kim.

These ridiculous pointless celebrities can almost justify their actions as they have an abundance of cash and can throw it at as many weddings and divorces as they see fit.  Reason being is that they do not have to save like us mere mortals.  We all hope that we only get married once in our lifetimes, partly because we can’t fork out for it second, third and fourth time around!  It seems to becoming a bit of a trend at the moment.  I can see more and more of my girlfriends getting hitched or at the very least getting engaged in under a year.  Has this become the norm within my social clique?  No longer do these women want to wait for a few years to be sure that these guys are defiantly the one.  It’s a proposal in under a year otherwise they are pushing for one.  I have been with my boyfriend for coming up to 5 years and although I can safely say marriage does cross my mind, it’s not the only thing on my mind.  I’d love a huge rock and a great big pudding dress and have everyone look at me for the day but quite frankly I have better things I would rather spend my money on (like Jimmy Choos).


Lots of people I know ask me why me and my boyfriend aren’t married or at least engaged yet; clearly being 30 odd is no spring chicken anymore and if I don’t marry now then I’ve missed the wedding boat apparently!  I am perplexed with questions like ‘Don’t you want to get married then?’ when sat with other married couples.  As if not becoming one with my partner is not good enough for some people.  I would like to remind these married couples that the statistics of first marriages are that 50% of them end in divorce first time round.  That figure goes up to 66% second time round, and if you think that third time is a charm, I’m afraid that 75% of you are heading for the divorce courts.

I’m all for marriage and it should be a joyous occasion for everyone involved.  A time to show the world how much you love each other, not something to be had after a few months of dating because you feel like it (Jordan), or because you think this is what you should be doing.  Take your time ladies make him work for it.  Everyone knows the honeymoon period wears off after a year anyway; just don’t let that last longer than your marriage.

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