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As a Beauty & Health Advisor, I almost jumped out of my seat with excitement when out of the blue I received a call from Mrs Kiran Kohli, one elegant part of the professional management team that forms Bradford Laser Clinic, a modern and purpose built salon based in the heart of Bradford city centre.

Karin the centre Director offered me the opportunity of reviewing the salon’s Oxyjet facial treatment. The fully laboratory tested cosmetic skin and body care system has been especially designed to significantly reduce wrinkles and freshen the skin. The treatment is very popular with the likes of beautiful celebrities such as A-listers Madonna and  Cameron Diaz and is taking the clinic by storm as a new innovative skin care method not widely available in many other clinics in the city yet.

The treatment relies on principle substances such as; Vitamins, Phytohotmones and Hyaluronic Acid all being released into the skin by means of gentle controlled oxygen pressure. This natural source oxygen pushes the nourishing and hydrating serums into the skin to create long lasting results. The unique system differs in specific ways from other salon available treatments in that its active ingredients penetrate the basal skin layers in as little as 2 minutes effectively bonding the cells together which consist of Linolinic and Gamma Linolic Acid. All the products that are used in the Oxyjet facial and body system have been tested at the Frauenhofer Institut Medizinische Technik using Perma Skin, which are human skin samples from plastic surgery.

The system is a scientifically proven treatment that can help with problems such as; skin rejuvenation, cellulite areas, anti-ageing and reducing age pigmentation. As a cosmetic beauty treatment it cannot be compared with other systems as it relies on an individual technique.

My experience of the treatment

Shireen the pretty salon therapist who warmly welcomed me into the bright and spacious clinic led me into the comfortable treatment room and after taking a detailed skin history, prepared my skin by cleansing it with the revolutionary safe solutions NORA BODE enzyme exfoliating cream. As she did this she explained the Oxyjet treatment to me and confidently listed the many benefits to expect from it:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles disappear
  • Improves the skins capability to hold moisture
  • Healing
  • Gives a healthy fresh glow to the skin
  • No allergy test required
  • No downtime
  • Increases cellular mitosis, circulation and lymphatic drainage.

With the obvious benefits in mind, Shireen suggested that to start in the mid 20’s was a good age to start treatments to help prevent premature ageing as the substances used in the Oxyjet system reach the Epidermis by going around the cells and not through the pores. The system works with the NORA BODE treatment range to deliver solutions for practically every skin problem. i.e. hyperpigmentation, acne and impure skin. A variety of skin problems and conditions depending on the skin area, can be treated simultaneously by different serums being applied at the same time and shot into the skin.

As I have combination skin, Shireen applied a ‘cocktail’of products into my face and treated the entire area. She explained that a treatment of specific problem areas is also possible. i.e.  just the eyes to treat eye bags but the effects can then only be seen within the treated area . To see significant improvement and achieve regeneration of the skin, treatment of the whole face is necessary. In as little as 4 weeks Scientific Researchers have proven that the depth and density of wrinkles reduce by up to 50% as the Oxyjet system impacts on the muscles directly under the skin where the product is applied. The regenerating effects activate the substance Matrixyl which stimulates the skin.

As a treatment it is not tested on animals and treatment poses no risks but in general, pregnant clients should not be treated. To maintain results and improvement, Oxyjet treatments should be continued only using the NORA BODE products which are specifically aligned to each other and guarantee a long lasting improvement of the skin. The products provide a barrier against secretion of the active ingredients and are essential for long term effects.

My session involved blasts of concentrated oxygen applied to my skin. This was done to vitalise and act effectively against irritations and impurities by its disinfecting action. In combination with the Oxyjet clear lotion my skin was cleansed deep into the pores. The special cosmetic formulations and oxygen penetrating the epidermis left my skin appearing smooth and firm, with impurities reduced. My skin looked fresh and healthy. To finish off Shireen applied the NORA BODE moisturising fluid. I would rate this wonderfully relaxing treatment 9/10 as a perfect treatment for the face -safe, gentle and yet very effective. All treatments are carefully carried out following health and safety considerations under the professional eye of the Director’s son Mr Avadh Kohli who is a fully trained Laser Technician.

If you would like the talented Bradford Laser Clinic team based at 5 Piccadilly. Bradford. BD1 3ND to help turn back your physical time clock then you can contact them at: www.bradfordlaserclinic.co.uk or by emailing them on: bradfordlaser@yahoo.com

Other treatments offered at the new clinic are:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Weight loss
  • Injectable fillers
  • Stretch marks
  • Thread veins
  • Psoriasis -  and many more.

Happy Jet setting!

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