Ways to Reduce the Number of Hours You Spend Using Your Phone

Given that your phone can do almost anything today, it is not easy turning it off. Before you decide to put it down, something else comes up, and you need to use your phone again. The problem is that continued use of the phone could increase exposure to radiation. Therefore, you need to do something about your addiction now and not wait until you suffer from the health risks.

Turn the notifications off

The problem with notifications is that they force you to use your phone. When you see that there is an incoming email, you have no choice but to respond. If you see messages from your friends, you also start to answer. The conversation will continue for hours without you noticing it. You might also read the latest headlines popping up on the screen. It is not easy to avoid the temptation of using your phone if the notifications are on. If you can’t turn it off, you can at least mute it or stop the vibration for you to avoid distraction.

Track your phone use

iPhone recently introduced a screen management notification that tells you how many hours you spent during the week using your phone, and what you did while you were on your phone. Other apps can also help you track how you use your phone. You need to set a limit on your screen time so that you can decide only to use your phone when needed.

Create a phone-free period during the day

There are moments during the day that you can enjoy more if you don’t have a phone. While you are reading a book, you want to enjoy the story. Your phone will only distract you from what you are reading. If you are eating with family, you need to take your time to talk to them. During these moments, your phone is unnecessary, so you need to turn it off.


Mobile phones should not be your alarm clock

Before, you used an actual alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. Now, you use your phone since it also has an alarm clock. The problem is that when you use it for that function, you tempt yourself to bring your phone to your bedroom. Before you know it, you might start picking up your phone, and you will have a difficult time getting yourself to sleep. To avoid this temptation, leave your phone in the living room, and use a real alarm clock instead.

Try to unplug

There might be some days when you want to take yourself away from the online world. It might only be once or twice a month where you don’t check your phone at all. You can arrange other fun activities to distract you from the temptation of using your phone.

Use EMF products

In the end, if you can’t control yourself at all due to the number of people you have to talk to, or the work that you need to finish, you can at least use EMF protection products. These products prevent radiation from harming you. Therefore, even if you use your phone all the time, you will be safe.


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