Ways to a Better Shave

Men often complain about women taking too long in the bathroom when they are getting ready, but the same can be said about men, when they take ages to get ready, groomed and go through their carefully selected shaving ritual. Have you ever suffered from razor bumps and come out of the bathroom all embarrassed? These tips will have the ladies in love with your smooth and pefectly groomed skin.

1. Always use a sharp razor

One mistake that men often make, is to reuse a blade over and over again. Of course, some brands allow your to reuse the blades, but do not try to extent their life span way beyond their recommended usage.  A blunt blade can give you nasty cuts and hurts when you apply it to your skin. Dull blades can pull on the hair, which irritates the skin. If you use clippers, make sure they are sharp and properly oiled.

2. Shave directly after the shower

Many men like to shave before the shower, but that is a mistake! Warm showers open up your pores and the base of the hair follicle, making it easier to shave.

3. Shave in the direction of your hair growth

Investigate your beard and look into what direction it grows. Always shave in the same direction and it will reduce skin irritation and bleeding due to shaving.

4. Exfoliate

Use exfoliation (scrub) to remove dead skin cells and grime that interfere with the blade and thus prevent a close shave. This really reduces skin irritation.

5. Moisturise the skin after your shave

Apply a moisturiser just after your shave. This will help reduce oil production of the skin and soothes the skin. This is important in particular for sensitive skin types.

6. Use shaving products according to your skin type

Whether you use gels, foam or other products, make sure you use them according to your skin type. If you have a very sensitive skin type, you can use products with silicon to help you reduce irritation.

7. Wet shave over dry shave

Some men prefer one over the other, but generally wet shaves give better results. If you have very sensitive skin, I would not recommend dry shaves for you – from my own experience!

I hope these tips help you on your quest towards a better shave. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. I hope your partner will love your new smooth and well-groomed face.

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