On the X Factor auditions recently a contestant began her audition by saying “I can win, I will win”. Clearly she was utilising powerful mantras to give herself confidence and enable her to perform at her best in order to win.

Unfortunately her confidence was misplaced and her dreams of winning did not come true.

Whilst mantras are a great tool to gain extra confidence to enable one to cope better with difficult situations, the goal needs to be achievable and realistic.

Conversely, all the talent in the world will not help a person to achieve their goals without drive and ambition Support from friends and family are invaluable but an inner self belief and the ability to push yourself forward in life can be created with a few easy steps involving visualisation.

Focus on where you want to be and use your imagination as a powerful tool to shape your future. Allow yourself to daydream and move away from reality.

This can be particularly useful when preparing for a potentially stressful event. Try the power of your imagination, which may not be something you have fully utilised since childhood.

Relaxation is crucial to the visualisation process, and also simply to maintain wellbeing. It gives us more energy, enhanced immunity, less headaches and pain, a stronger grasp of our emotions, and better sleep.

If finding the time to incorporate regular relaxation time is proving impossible with a hectic life, then simply use relaxation techniques whenever necessary.

A quiet warm, comfortable room is ideal. Although physical exercise is essential for good health, in order to fully relax, a sitting or lying down prone position is preferable.

Whilst creating an environment of calm receptivity, the mind can fully relax, allowing the right hemisphere of the brain to be accessed more easily.

Relaxing shuts out the logical parts and enables the imagination to flow.

Pilates and yoga stretches are great for practising relaxation techniques if carried out safely and with good form.

Releasing tension, stretches such as the Pilates Full body stretch soften the muscle fibre and calm the mind. Lying in the prone position, reach your arms overhead, straighten the arms and the legs and imagine your hands and feet are being pulled away from your body. Tense every muscle initially including your core as you push your limbs away from your torso, imagining you are pushing away negativity. Breathe in deeply and slowly, fully exhale taking your time, and slowly repeat. Using lateral thoracic breathing such as this means that the rib cage is fully inflated and then deflated, using the full capacity, and also working the muscles between the ribs, increasing flexibility of the upper body.

Whilst relaxing, allow your imagination to take over and allow the process to unfold, creating your inner vision.

Next visualise what you desire the most. This could be a new relationship, a family, new home, letting go or finding happiness and peace. If unsure what you are looking for, or where you are heading in life, imagine yourself with increased confidence.

Try remembering a time you felt confidant and happy. Shut your eyes and imagine how that would feel again, how you would smile, how you would appear to others, how you would walk, concentrating on feelings of self-esteem, security, self-worth, and most importantly, love. Allow these feelings to permeate through your body, pushing any fear and self-doubt away.

Repeat this regularly until the negative feelings subside and are replaced with positivity.

As Henry Ford said “Whether you can or can’t, you are right” .

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