Urban Woman

When did you really last sit down in between juggling your career, reading your child’s report, checking in on your neighbor, taking the dog for a walk, filling in your tax returns, renewing your car insurance, arranging your student finance and actually congratulate yourself with a big pat on the back for being just about incredible. Yes, the Myth of the Urban Woman is alive and she’s appropriately breathing fire in the Chinese Year of The Dragon.

According to author Laura (Riding) Jackson in her piece The Word ‘Woman’:

“Woman is the universal character. She is the balance point of various being and the crucial law of preparation in an increasingly complex world.”

Our experiences within and without are direct ‘proof’ of where we are in our individual personal and cultural journeys. These journeys can be viewed as action performances or a social/spiritual drama if you like. And like all good dramas and plays they rely on a set of instructions, characters and props to empower and illuminate them. Thanks to women’s natural talents the Myth of the Urban wise woman is no longer a legend but a reality. Wise women abound in this century like never before and are more than an able match to those who would attempt to influence and curb her natural instincts and countless talents.

As well as mental strength, modern woman possesses a playful spirit and a heightened capacity to know what is naturally good for her. She will not tolerate being infantalised with baby talk and simply being treated as property or a trophy being hunted for her beautiful hide! She can smell out social exploitation a mile off and has her solicitor’s number readily stored on speed dial in her cell phone along with that of her personal trainer, plumber and accountant. She refuses to walk around with narrowed rose tinted vision and live in a Prozac induced daydream living on yesterday’s memories counting calories. Rather she enjoys each day for itself in its truest sense knowing what her Soul needs in order to really thrive.

The modern woman easily manifests her inner thoughts, impulses and ideas with integrity. This ability to act with emotional intelligence is what empowers her and allows her to live in the moment both intuitively and logically. As such, she is constantly moving forward and is able:-

To FOREGO – leave alone and concentrate on her own life

To FORBEAR – to abstain from punishing and love herself

To FORGET – to avert from memory and visualize the future

To FORGIVE – to abandon the debt and be big hearted

As Urban Woman she can establish her own territory, be in touch with her own body with certainty, speak and act on her own behalf and live with dignity and consciousness. After all she does have the ability:-

To ANALYZEappreciate specifics and act accordingly

To ASSESSrecognize risks and manage them properly

To CONTRASTmake right choices that benefit her

To CONSIDERdemonstrate her knowledge effectively

Well done and VIVA ‘Urban Women’ everywhere!

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About Pia Madison

Pia is a trained Psychotherapist & Trainer who made her first media appearance in 1997 when she was invited by the Editor of the then cutting edge psychotherapy magazine’ Dialogue’ to submit an article dealing with health and emotional intelligence. She was at the time studying on Harley St under the eminent Clinical Psychologist Prof. Petruska Clarkson. Since then she has received acclaim as a regular professional guest on Yorkshire’s award winning Sunrise Radio, successfully interpreting dreams live on air to a captivating audience of over 60,000 listeners. Pia writes as a Features Writer for City Connect on Health & Beauty and Relationships as well as offering individual life coaching support to both individuals and companies.
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