TV Review: Breaking Amish – Simple Lives or Ostracised?


This weekly American reality show on the brand new TLC channel is definitely compulsive viewing. The series revolves around five young Amish and Mennonite adults, who leave their strict communities and simple lives behind to move to the bright lights of New York City to experience a very different life and culture. They will then make a difficult decision regarding whether to return back home to their own communities to carry on with their previous lives or stay in New York City and face potential ostracism from family and friends.

During their time away, the five have experienced many new and different things, such as flying in a plane, using electricity and swapping their extremely conservative way of dress for the more westernised jeans and T-shirt. The girls have experienced different beauty treatments such as having a full body wax, previously frowned upon by their community and the boys decided to go and visit a strip club. However upon arrival Abe refused to go in, leaving Jeremiah quite happily undertaking the chore by himself!

Jeremiah, who at 32, is the eldest of the group. He was adopted by an Amish family, he does what he wants and lets nothing hold him back. He is looking forward to experiencing what life has to offer and his dream is to drive for a living and become a taxi driver. A far cry from construction, farming and masonry work, typical to the Amish. Kate, 21, is a Bishop’s daughter and is fascinated by fashion, magazines, make-up and jewellery. Her ambition is to realise her dream of becoming a model. In her community, Kate has never been allowed to have her photograph taken so she is determined to make her dream come true and learn more about herself and the outside world. Sabrina, 25, is the only Mennonite of the group and was also adopted. She comes from Italian and Puerto Rican descent and would love to find her biological parents. Sabrina has always felt like an outsider in her community so she is determined to explore her roots and find her cultural identity. Abe is 22, a traditionalist and wants to marry an Amish girl. He wants to explore new adventures as he feels limited by his lack of education. However, eventually he might return to his Amish community and step back into his original life. Finally, Rebecca, who at 20, is the youngest member of the group. She wants to explore new and exciting things, see a bit more of the world and she is also looking for love.

Will these young adults be shunned by their own people for wanting to explore a world beyond the boundaries of their simple existence? Is it a gamble and a sacrifice they are willing to make, for the chance of freedom and independence? During this enlightening series, the viewer will see exactly what happens to this group of five individuals and ultimately what their fates and final decisions will be.

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