Trading with Emerging Economies – Is Your Business Missing out on a World Of Opportunities?

Better communications and transportation have made international trade a realistic option for any company. The internet allows business to be conducted almost anywhere, and at a more rapid pace. Investing in emerging economies can lead to many opportunities.


Many areas in Africa have been experiencing a sharp rise in economic growth, and areas such as the Seychelles have seen a sharp rise in tourism from France and other countries. This has created a plethora of economic potential for those that want to invest in anything related to tourism. Hotels, restaurants, touring companies, etc. can all be good ways to invest in this emerging market. The internet has made it much easier to market the area as well. UK businesses can benefit from investing in the burgeoning hospitality trade by putting money into hotel chains that are seeking locations to develop in Africa. The investment potential in Africa is vast, so sites such as Mukesh Valabhji’s blog can help to offer news and advice as you explore your investment options.


Demand for goods in China is on the rise. As the economy grows, the demand for luxury items has grown with it. China has become an emerging market in the wine industry and exports to China have increased dramatically over the last decade. Those that have fostered this market trend have been rewarded with high rates of return. Food and other commodities have also experienced higher demand in China, while construction is on the rise as urban centres continue to grow. China is expected to experience a rate of growth that is in the double-digit range.

Who should consider international markets?

There are many different types of business that can benefit from investing in emerging markets. If you have expanded your business as much as you can in the domestic market, it may be time to look towards international markets. At the same time, investing in the international market can help your company gain wealth that can be used to grow your business at the domestic level.

Networking and connections

Building business relationships can take time. There is a lot to consider when investing in an emerging international market, and many different social customs that must be observed. Researching proper greetings and other social customs is a very important part of building good client relationships. Those in emerging economies will feel that you care enough about doing business with them to learn something about their culture. This helps battle social stigmas that may discourage some from conducting business with a foreign corporation.

Investing in technology and the future

The demand for technology in emerging markets is high. As a result, computer firms such as Dell have started investing more heavily in the international technology trade. Manufacturing and support facilities can be in high demand. India, Africa, China, the Philippines, and many other countries are going to continue to see a sharp rise in demand for advanced electronics and sophisticated manufacturing equipment as more and more people enter the economic middle class. Those that invest in emerging economies will be helping to improve the lives of those in up and coming economies.

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