Top Tips on What to Include for the Best Hen Party Kit

Hen parties are all the rage with brides in recent years, especially since they allow the bride and her entourage to have fun and forget about all their worries and cares, even for just a day (or two). Everyone knows that organising a wedding is a challenge enough for the bride in itself, and if you’ve been tasked with organising a hen party, you should know that there are many ways you can do it right. But a hen party isn’t really complete without the proper hen party kit. These kits are kind of like a standard party favour, but with a twist. They’re great as personalised gifts for each hen party guest, and they serve a very useful purpose as well. So how do you prepare the best hen party kit ever? Here are some top tips on what to include for the best hen party kit.

  • Chocolate

Chocolate is great – not only does it taste divine, it also gives everyone a boost of energy. Include a chocolate bar or two in your kit and guests will be instantly energised (and in a better mood as well, thanks to the dopamine boost provided by chocolate)!

  • A pretty shot glass

Another must-have in any hen party kit is a shot glass. You and the rest of the guests will probably be doing a lot of drinking, and a shot glass will certainly do the trick. Shot glasses are perfect for toasting the bride to be, and they’re perfect for unique activities such as hen party life drawing, where you can share a few shots with the gorgeous male model whilst drawing him from life.

  • A mini bottle of wine

Of course, what hen party would be complete without a bit of wine on the go? Mini wine bottles come in handy on various occasions, and you’re certain to find plenty of excuses to open that bottle – whether you’re stuck in traffic, hiking on a trail, having a manicure or pedicure, and more.

  • A wet wipe and face spray 

With all the activities planned for a hen party, it can be easy for guests to feel like they need some freshening up in between events. There’s no better way to freshen up than to spray your face with a refreshing face spritzer and wipe off the chocolate from your hands with a wet wipe.

  • Water

A bottle of H2O can definitely be a life-saver at a hen party, especially since hydration is key to keeping you and your guests dancing and partying until the wee hours. A good dose of water is also great if you want to keep away the nasty aftereffects of too much drinking, a.k.a a hangover.

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