Top Tips for Making Living with Braces a Lot Easier

Living with braces is no joke. It can take days, even weeks, to fully adjust to the fact that you have a ‘foreign’ object glued to your teeth, but as the days go by, you will learn that living with braces isn’t as hard as you first thought it would be. But there are some things you can also do so that you don’t have to find living with braces too much of a strain. Here are some top tips to make living with braces a lot easier.

  1. Have a special ‘braces kit’

One of the first things you can do to prepare for living with braces is to make your own special ‘braces kit’. The kit should include whatever you need to clean your teeth with braces, and this, of course, includes your toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste. But aside from some general teeth cleaning products, you should also include products which are especially useful for living with braces, such as wax as well as lip balm. Lip balm is particularly handy since, for various reasons, your lips can become more easily chapped when you have braces. Make sure to bring your kit with you whenever you go out, so it will be easier to clean your teeth (and get rid of embarrassing food particles) after you eat.

  1. Always wear your bands

If your braces have hooks, then it is definitely necessary to wear your bands or elastics all the time. Of course, when you’re brushing, you should remove all your bands or elastics. But while bands or elastics can sometimes hurt, they prevent the hooks on your braces from getting caught on the insides of your cheeks. They also serve a more important purpose: they allow your treatment to become more effective, which will result in your braces being taken out more quickly.

  1. Don’t mess with your brackets or wires

Sometimes, brackets or wires can break – and if this happens, there’s no need to panic. Never, ever try to yank the bracket or wire out or bend it. This will only make it worse. What you can do is just cover the sharp edge; do this with a wet or damp cotton ball or your handy wax from your ‘braces kit’. Then simply contact your orthodontist to schedule a visit as soon as they’re available.

  1. Smile!

You may be understandably conscious about your braces, but don’t be. Don’t try to cover up your teeth when you smile, either – this just makes it more noticeable and people will be more aware that you are conscious of your braces, as a good orthodontist from Ashburn VA’s American Braces Smile Center will tell you. Just smile – braces are everywhere nowadays, and having braces is not strange or weird at all.

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