Top 5 Tips for Harmonious House Sharing

City Connect brings you another informative yet fun article from Adrian Fernand – Australia’s most stylish agony uncle and etiquette guru. This time he has advice for those leaving home for the first time and shares his top 5 tips for harmonious house sharing.

So you’re finally cutting the apron strings or mother bird has shoved you from the nest after tolerating teenage (or middle-aged) angst and skid-marked loads of washing for a little too long?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re nineteen, twenty-nine, or forty-nine (I’m looking at you, Norman Bates) when the time will come for you to pack your worldly possessions into a some semblance of order, throw them over your shoulder in a handkerchief attached to a switch of your choosing.

When leaving the parents behind to do whatever they do on household appliances when you’re not there comes a new sense of freedom but also responsibility. In most cases, one’s first out-of-home venture is usually one they share with others of greater or lesser experience. You might have found a spare bedroom in an established household or you might be setting up one with a friend, lover or stranger; either way, chances are you’ll need a little prod and some guidance to ensure that your new domestic life is one of champions. Here are our top five tips to make you a domestic god(dess).

1. Pay your rent on time. It might seem elementary but you’re an adult now, no matter your age. Don’t forget that you’re not the only one on the lease and others’ rental records and future accommodation depends on their being the perfect tenant.

2. Be seen as considerate but not as a doormat. If there are dishes in the sink and you’re washing up, take initiative and do them for your housemates. Likewise cleaning such as bathrooms and other shared areas, but if you find that your cohabitants are taking advantage of your generosity, redress the balance.

3. Respect others’ property. Not everyone purchases their possessions from charity shops so understand that some people have nice things that require respect. Don’t put your feet on the furniture, be careful with others’ glassware and always ascertain that something is microwave or dishwasher-safe before putting it in the respective appliance. If you break something, tell them straight away and offer to replace it. More often that not it will not be something of value, but if it is, accept responsibility.

4. Do not use metal objects on non-stick surfaces. Unsure of what’s non-stick? It’s any pot, pan or baking dish that has a charcoal grey or black coating on the inside, then chances are it’s not a fan of metal. It might seem trivial but when someone’s Scanpan is irreparably damaged, it makes for a lethal weapon.

5. Announce when you’re going to take a shower and this gives your housemates the opportunity to dash in ahead of you if you have a combined shower/bathroom/toilet. It might sound like an overshare but it will preclude any desperate improvisations in the kitchen sink!

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