Top 3 Reasons Why Fruit Puree is an Essential Ingredient in Food and Beverage Applications

If you are looking to infuse fruit puree to food and beverage creations for your restaurant, where do you get them? Of course, you need to source the best puree from one of the most prominent names in fruit juice distribution in London.

Where to get the best fruit puree in the UK?

There are many benefits to purchasing wholesale fruit juice puree from a top-notch industry supplier. With a reliable fruit juice puree supplier UK restaurant owners recommend, you don’t have to think twice about quality ever again. The fruits should be sourced from local farms, while uncommon fruits are typically sourced from domestic and overseas locations that are vetted as excellent food suppliers, too.

If you want a unique blend of fruit puree for your restaurant menu, it’s good to know that most wholesale juice suppliers specialise in fruit juice blending, too. If you have specific ideas in mind, your supplier should provide expert assistance on how you can achieve a bespoke fruit juice, puree, or concentrate for your restaurant.

This might be surprising for some, but fruit puree is fast becoming a staple ingredient of chefs, pastry chefs, and mixologists mainly because of its outstanding characteristics:

Fruit purees are high in nutrients

Fruit purees are tasty and highly-functional ingredients in commercial kitchens everywhere. It is more concentrated than juice; hence it delivers the same quality of flavour as freshly-picked fruits. Although they contain more calories, the flexibility in the kitchen setting makes them an essential ingredient, hence the need to find reliable suppliers in the UK.

Fruit purees contain high levels of antioxidants that boost the immune system function by neutralising free radicals that increase through ageing.

Excellent and highly-versatile food ingredients

Fruit puree is versatile in that it can replace a long list of ingredients for cooking and baking. For instance, you may use fruit puree in place of oils in baking. This is especially beneficial if your food establishment promises to offer healthier alternatives to traditional dishes.

If you get your fruit puree from a trusted supplier, you don’t need to worry about purity and quality. Companies that have an excellent track record in their processing produces purees that taste “pure” and not watered down or filled with artificial additives.

A quality fruit puree should perfectly capture the real essence and authentic flavour of the fruit. This is essential when your goal is to produce the best dishes and beverages for your customers. Luscious and single-noted puree can be used in the preparation of mouth-watering cocktails, sinful baked treats, and deliciously light dressings and marinades.

Fruit puree variety

Apart from single-noted puree that offers a nutrient-rich and full-bodied flavour in dishes and beverages, you may also find fruit puree in coarse, fine, and homogenised varieties. These variations of fruit purees are healthy ingredient solutions that can be used in preparing ice cream, jams, and soups, to name a few.

With a reliable supplier of fruit puree, your menu is only limited by your imagination.


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