TNT Networks Cancels Nurse HawthoRNe

I really want to say “What’s that about?” after learning recently that one of the viewers favorite television shows is being cancelled! Nurse Hawthorne is getting the ax after 3 seasons of what I would perceive as good television-a virtual gossip mogul’s food for fodder. It was an exciting show with Jada Pinkett Smith at the helm as executive producer! One might want to argue that the medical drama wasn’t realistic in some characterizations like that of a nurse becoming CEO of a hospital, but as a seasoned nurse, I’d still give Nurse HawthoRNe a shot of praise for being one of the best in comparison to some of those other medical shows. In light of the media speculation in regards to the show’s leading stars, Jada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony alleged infidelities, there could have been behind the scene decisions on whether the show should continue. Whatever the reasons for pulling the show, It doesn’t set well with the expectations of viewers, like myself, who was looking forward to finding out who shot detective Renata in the season finale! Didn’t catch the final episode of Nurse HawthoRNe? Recap: If you didn’t catch the season finale of Nurse Hawthorne, I’m back to give you the 411! It’s a no brainer really that in the 3rd season of Nurse HawthoRNe, viewers would be left with a cliffhanger. Don’t all good television ends this way? Okay, so we get to the segment where Christina reluctantly signs those divorce papers Tom so hastily delivered to her doorstep. Christina, upon reflection, comes to the realization that she’s in love with two men. Her soon to be ex husband Tom Wakefield, and her new found love, detective Nick Renata Before leaving for some much needed heart mending and soul searching, Christina goes to the hospital to drop off divorce papers to Tom, wishes him well and departs. Next, she drops off a letter at the precinct addressed to detective Nick Renata where she questions his innocence in the murder of her assailant. Although she loves him, she’s decided to end their relationship. Camille drops her mom off at the airport and heads back to James Rivers Hospital where she severs her own relationship with young doctor Miles ( the married Miles) and meets up with Tom to talk about her starting college. Tom promises that no matter what happens with his marriage to Christina, he will always be there for Camille. Meanwhile, having boarded the plane, Christina gets a call from Nick informing her of his mother’s death. Christina hurriedly aborts her vacation plans to go be with Nick. She helps to organize funeral arrangements and coax the feuding Renata brothers into squashing burial disagreements- it’s what their mom would have wanted. Back at James Rivers, Tom has helped to save a friend’s life, questioned his haste in delivering divorce papers to his wife and heads home to Christina’s to apologize after seeing her at the hospital, following the funeral. Christina is greeted at the hospital by Kelly and thanks her for intercepting the letter meant for Nick. Kelly excitedly shows her own letter to Christina, having passed the scrub nurse certification. Christina tells Kelly she’s special. Christina becomes CEO of James Rivers Hospital. Tom makes head surgeon. Bobbie keeps Christina’s old job and get funding for the Cancer treatment center. Morrissey becomes spiritually grounded and the 3rd season of Nurse HawthoRNe ends with a bang-literally. THE CLIFFHANGER: Tom drives up to the house he once shared with Christina. He rings the doorbell and Christina answers, wearing one of Tom’s old shirts. Tom relates the harrowing events of the day and his “aha” moment. She sits on the edge of a chair and listens. Tom haltingly and emotionally tells Christina how much he truly loved her and how sorry he was that he wasn’t there when she needed him to be on the night of her attack. He hoped they could someday get past the “stuff’ and become close again. Christina cries… the two hug… Truly a scene for the hankie! As Tom leaves the house, he encounters a weary and beat looking detective Nick Renata on his way to visit Christina. The men give a long stare in passing. Admittedly, Nick looked more menacing. Tom is seen sitting behind the wheel of his car. Nick knocks and Christina goes to answer the door. He comes in and tells her to sit down. She’s taken aback by his appearance ,but, tries to stay calm. She tells Nick about the visit from a friend and fellow officer earlier at the hospital. The officer said Nick had been missing for 4 days… She asks if he’d been drinking. Nick sits across from Christina. He tells her that he read her letter and takes out a gun. Christina is clearly shaken. Nick asks if she’s afraid of him. She’s about to say she loves him, but, Nick interrupts by placing the gun next to his heart…”You and me Christina.” He caresses his chest with the gun. “You and me.” Nick abruptly leaves. Before Christina can sit down again, she hears a gun shot. Racing outside, she glimpses a car speeding off and Nick fatally shot at the wheel of his car. Screaming for help, Christina pulls detective Renalta from the car, clutches him in her arms and continues to scream for help! Who shot detective Nick Renata? Sadly, It seems we’ll never know. Thanks TNT!

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