Tips on Dressing to Look Younger

It seems that we all seem to want to appear youthful these days. Particularly, as when you approach certain milestones it is easy to lose your way and still dress like a student when you have a fully fledged career. And for some reason your style just hasn’t quite caught up.

Generally there is a tendency for clients to dress old for their age. And often their current wardrobe doesn’t match their status, personality or even really reflect who they really are today. Effectively being caught in a time warp! So dressing younger often helps you look and feel better too. It can be liberating and mentally you feel like you have moved on the next chapter in your life. Effectively having a wardrobe you love and all in all, a hugely liberating experience.

So if you want to inject some youthful vigour, into your current style that is done in a tasteful/age appropriate way. Then here are some of my tips:

Always pick the right bra as clothes to mould to your shape. A tighter band and fuller cup appears more youthful.

Play to your strengths by picking one area and choosing garments with features that draw attention to it.

Avoid washed out drab colours all over your body and instead make a colour statement.

Choose classic garments that are shaped with gentle tailoring to give a youthful silhouette, with vertical seaming giving a streamlining effect.

Have fun with accessories. Bags and statement jewellery are a great way to bring an up to the minute trend into your wardrobe and re-invigorate your look.

Avoid retro styles worn the old-fashioned way: below the knee skirts, bow blouses, pears – never worn together. These classics can be refreshed when you style them differently.

Avoid boring belts. Dark jeans work well with a thin belt in a contrasting colour. Wide belts are good for cinching in dresses, jackets and cardigans. Belts in brown leather, animal prints or a shimmery metallic help make someone appear current and youthful!

Avoid silk-scarf mistakes. Be careful as scarves can be very aging. A scarf in soft colours, lightweight and can be tied in different ways are the best multi-purpose ones.

Update your bag. Bags should be rotated and used for different occasions. A tatty worn out bag will just make you feel exactly like that. So treat yourself to a lovely bag that is wearable across a range of outfits.

Ditch dowdy shoes. Some shoes just look plain safe and boring. Some well chosen colourful/fun shoes can add that much needed zest to finishing off an outfit.

Cardigans can be very aging, literally adding years onto people. When choosing one, go for one with a little sparkle or with unusual detailing. This way, you will avoid the Great Aunt Maud look.

Pair down make-up. Overdoing the amount of make-up applied is often a result of trying to keep youthful looking when in fact this has just the exact reverse effect.

Don’t forget to wear UVA sunscreen everyday: this will help you from getting wrinkles, red and blistered. Sunlight even on cloudy winter’s day, overtime ages skin.

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About Katie Bowen

Katie Bowen is a Personal Stylist to predominantly business women, through her company Styko, based in Cambridge. She works with individuals and companies ensuring that they maximise their image potential in alignment with the overall companies branding. This is customised to each clients individuals own fashion personality, body shape and colouring and relationship history with clothes. She is a lifelong lover of fashion and had previously worked for the luxury designer brand ‘Joseph’, with private clients of more than 7 years. To book a consultation or for more information please contact Katie at or on 07855 754487
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