Tips for Redesigning the Structure of Your Home for Comfort

Let’s face it – looking at the same old house every day for years can become boring. Sooner or later you start craving change and considering home improvement projects to spice things up a bit. One of the best ways to revamp the look and feel of your home is to add some new personality to it in the form of an extra room or living space. When standard renovations and remodeling just aren’t doing it for you anymore, consider the following four ways you can redesign the structure of your home for more comfort and aesthetic appeal:


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1. Knocking Down Interior Walls to Create Larger Rooms

If your walls are made of concrete or brick, you’ll need to start comparing the services of local contractors. An easy way to do this is to run a Google search for the kind of service you need followed by your city’s name. For example, if you need a concrete cutting service and you live in Aberdeen, you would search for “concrete cutting in Aberdeen.”

2. Adding an Attached Porch, Patio, or Sunroom

Extending your home with an outdoor room like a screened in porch or patio can add a cost-effective pseudo addition onto the home while also giving you a comfortable spot to relax in the yard or garden. Since these rooms can be attached to the main structure, they can benefit from some of the same environmental conditions of the home, and are therefore ideal places to grow house plants or shelter potted outdoor plants on cold nights.

3. Install a Balcony or Deck

Most people with basic DIY skills and a set of tools can install a deck or balcony with enough research and dedication. It’s easy to find an exact tutorial on the subject, and once the project is completed you’ll realize it was more than worth the effort and relatively nominal monetary investment. Positioning your balcony or deck so that it receives optimal sunlight will ensure that it will be an ideal gardening spot for household herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and other culinary plants.

4. Convert the Attic into a Loft

Converting the disgusting antiquated space you can all an attic into a loft only requires a slight modification to the structure of the home, as the space itself already exists. Ideally, you would be removing the ceiling to create the appearance of vaulted ceilings and then installing a loft on the second story. You can choose to separate the loft as a room of its own with a wall, or have it overlooking the living room or den from a railing. Be sure to take insulation into consideration before getting started.

Gather Inspiration Before Committing

Many overzealous homeowners make the mistake of jumping on the first idea that comes to mind, without first giving attention to other options. The last thing you want is to feel regretful and think to yourself “I should’ve done that instead” after you’ve poured thousands of dollars and countless man hours into a project. Browse blogs, social sites like Pinterest, house magazines, and any other sources of inspiration you can think of to broaden your horizons before making any commitments.

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