Tips for Preventing METRO Bus Accidents

Car accidents are traumatic experiences that can cause permanent injuries and suffering. The silver lining to this is that you’re often eligible for compensation if another party caused the crash.

A complication with this is if you get into an accident with a METRO bus. METRO buses and other public transportation are owned and regulated by the government.

The problem here is that injury claims made against the government have a cap based on what level of government is involved. Considering that the injuries from METRO accidents are often severe, the compensation you receive may not fully cover your costs.

With this in mind, your best option is to prevent a METRO accident altogether. This is relevant whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver.

To help keep you safe, we’ll outline a few important tips for avoiding METRO bus crashes below.

Avoid Assumptions

One good tip is to avoid making any assumptions about bus drivers and how they’ll behave.

Arguably the most important part of this is not assuming that the driver can see you. METRO buses offer limited visibility and this can make it difficult to see other drivers and pedestrians.

Because of this, you should ensure they see you by making eye contact. If they don’t look in your direction, don’t take the risk.

Another concern here is that METRO buses are highly unpredictable. They’ll make periodic stops and take up two lanes when preparing to turn.

Considering this, you should always wait for a bus driver to act first. It’s much harder for them to respond to a situation, so letting them make the first move allows you to act with the assurance that you’re safe. 

While METRO bus drivers will do their best to avoid accidents, they can’t see everything and this is why you must never make assumptions about what they’ll do.

Be Predictable

You should also try to be predictable at all times.

Earlier, we mentioned that METRO buses have it harder when reacting to situations. This is because their larger size means a longer time to stop.

Putting METRO bus drivers in situations where they need to respond quickly is incredibly dangerous. Even if they’re paying perfect attention, they may not have enough time to avoid an accident.

With this in mind, your driving behavior should always be predictable. Stick to the speed limit, avoid sudden braking, don’t cut METRO buses off, and always use turn signals.

This is also important when you’re a pedestrian. In particular, you should ensure that you only cross the street at marked crosswalks when you’re signaled to cross and refrain from stopping to pick up anything you’ve dropped until after the bus leaves.

Whether you’re driving or walking, the more predictable you are, the less likely a METRO bus driver will hit you.

Anticipate Limitations

Another powerful strategy is to anticipate the limitations of buses.

Specifically, METRO buses have bigger blind spots, require more time and distance to stop, need more space to take their turns, and take longer to accelerate.

Because of this, they are generally slower and take up more space on the road. While this may be frustrating, it’s simply how they are designed.

Considering this, you should anticipate these limitations and ensure your driving behavior is accommodating. This means giving them time to gather speed, allowing them space for turns, quickly leaving blind spots, and safely changing lanes.

METRO buses will always have a harder time navigating the road. Remember this and avoid putting yourself into situations where you’re at the mercy of a METRO bus’s limitations.

Maintain Distance

Finally, you should maintain your distance to give METRO buses extra operating space.

Your risk of encountering a METRO bus accident drastically increases the closer you are to one. The inverse of this is also true, meaning that creating distance greatly improves your safety.

Should anything go wrong with the bus or your vehicle, this means that any mistakes won’t result in an accident with the bus. Furthermore, it gives you space to watch the METRO bus and react to what it’s doing.

This is also a good idea because it allows breathing space for METRO buses. Maneuvering can be extremely difficult, so more space allows a greater margin for error. This makes their life easier and avoids accidents in situations like wide turns.

The further you are from a METRO bus, the safer you are from getting into a crash.  

Closing Thoughts

METRO bus accidents are terrifying due to the size and power of buses. They’re also frustrating because there is a limit on how much compensation you can receive from an accident you aren’t at fault for.

This means you need to focus on avoiding an accident with a METRO bus at all costs. You can do this by avoiding assumptions about what they’ll do, being predictable with your driving, anticipating their limitations, and maintaining your distance.

As you can see, accidents with METRO buses are no small matter. If you want reassurance during the aftermath of a METRO accident, then seek a skilled attorney to help you navigate your case!

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