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I can hardly believe it’s March already, I expect you are all looking forward to the coming spring and summer months and venturing abroad for your summer holidays or just looking forward to spending some time in the sun.

detox seaweed wrap

After the cold winter months we may have all indulged on rich food and perhaps been over eating and hiding under our big winter jumpers. Our skin will be in great need of vitamin D from the suns rays as it is likely to of become sallow/less radiant and it won’t be long until we expose our skin a little more.. So you ladies out there could all benefit from a great body detox treatment to prepare your skin for the warm season ahead.

When I worked as a Therapist at a world famous Spa, A detox treatment that lasted one hour was extremely costly. So I’m going to show you how to achieve a real deep down cleanse to your body and get rid of accumulated toxins in a more cost effective way.

1. Make sure your bathroom is warm, start off with an empty bath and step into it, exfoliate with a gritty exfoliater in circular movements and work all over the body.

2. Rinse off and then towel dry.

3. Apply a mud or seaweed mask to your whole body.. YES! It is a bit messy but worth it later. You can find mud or seaweed masks online or at a champneys shop- there is one in Chichester.

4. With a body wrap or a couple of thin bin liners, wrap your body in it.. For health and safety reasons be sure to keep your head well away.

5. This is where the mask will take effect. Now totally relax for 20 minutes.

6. Shower off the mask then run a warm bath

7. Relax in it for 10 minutes, and then blast your body with tepid or cold water to boost your circulation. Your skin will look and feel amazing

8. Drink a glass of water after any treatment to keep hydrated and help flush away toxins.

9. Do not apply any creams or other products to the skin as the treatment would have already done wonders to your skin.

body maskDetox Tips

– Make sure that you don’t mind using an old towel

– Before using mud or seaweed check you are not allergic to it

– Avoid detox treatments if you have highly sensitive skin

– Avoid this treatment if you have cuts/abrasions/open wounds (wait until healed)

– Do not detox if you have any heart or blood pressure problems

– If you are pregnant or epileptic do check with your doctor before using any products stated.

– Remember this is a body treatment so only apply products externally

Ladies, remember to check your diaries before starting this treatment – you don’t want to be opening the door to guests looking like a swamp monster!

Happy detoxing!

Image reproduced from lydiasarfati.com and naturaltherapypages.co.uk

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About Joanna Hall

Joanna Hall is a professional make-up artist with over 20 years experience. Trained in Make-up Artistry at Mayfair London and Baker Street, she is also a Beauty & Holistic Therapist gaining her MIFHT MICHT IIHM certficates - a true professional in her field. Joanna has worked for companies in the past such as Cartier ,Yves Saint Laurent and many other prestegious names. She has conducted beauty schools in the past for Clarins, been a make-up artist for celebrities and catwalk shows,, and been a therapist at a world famous Spa. Her aim is to bring her knowledge and her beauty secrets to ordinary woman to make a difference in their lives.
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