Three Tips That Will Transform Your Business’s Front Entrance

First impressions are so important for the success of your small business. This begins with your front entrance. As potential customers walk through your front doors, they are already forming an opinion of your products and services. Make sure that your entryway is giving them the impression you are after with these three tips

Clean and Clutter Free

Nothing turns a customer off more than a dirty entrance. People want to come into a clean and clutter-free environment. Start by developing a cleaning routine that you and your staff can easily follow. Just outside of the front door you will want to keep the sidewalk and any matts swept. Wipe down windows as needed. Keep interior rugs and floors swept as well. All glass surfaces, countertops, and shelves have to be dusted regularly.

Proper Displays

Properly displaying your products will make them look much more appealing to the customer. Displays should be set up where they are easily noticed. You don’t want your customers to have to search for your wares. Items should be arranged neatly in an orderly fashion. For example, a deli needs adequate hot food display cases that keep food fresh while on display.

Friendly Greetings

It won’t matter how wonderful your business looks if the customer isn’t met with a friendly greeting and warm smile. Discuss with your staff ways in which they can say hello to each person that enters the building and how they can offer their services. Talk about how you want questions to be answered and exactly what to say if they don’t know the answer.

By using these three tips to improve your front entrance, you will be making the perfect first impression on potential customers. People want to walk into a clean and clutter-free space that displays your products in a beautiful manner. A pleasant greeting from a smiling face will be the icing on the cake when it comes to impressing each and every client.

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