Three Simple Tips for a Better Barbecue

Barbecues are a popular way to host family and friends, and they’re pretty easy to pull off: if you provide great grilled food, it’s generally a success. However, there are a few simple things you can do to make your barbecues stand out from the rest. Great barbecues create fond memories, and they are a simple and accessible way to entertain groups of all sizes. Try these three tips the next time you’re hosting. 

1. Keep Guests Comfortable

It’s common to see people standing around hunched over their plates in their hands at a barbecue. This is okay because the food is the main event, but it’s not preferred. A very simple way to make your barbecue instantly better is to provide chairs. Some other things to consider since this is an outside event are making sure you have bug bite treatment and sunscreen available for your guests. You’ll also want to check the weather ahead of time to make sure it’s not going to be uncomfortably hot or cold; it’s better to reschedule if needed than to have a bad experience. 

2. Remember Utensils 

While this may not seem like an above-and-beyond suggestion for improving your barbecue, think about the times you needed a fork or napkin and didn’t have one. Perhaps the worst is when there aren’t sufficient cups — people can get creative if they don’t have a napkin, fork or even plate, but it’s not recommended people pass around the beverages and all drink out of the same vessel. By being adequately prepared, you will show your guests that their enjoyment is important to you. For added fun, you can get themed cups or napkins. 

3. Provide Entertainment 

Barbecues are social events, so often the entertainment is simply the socializing. There is nothing wrong with this, and honestly, it should probably remain the main attraction. A simple way to push your event to the next level is to provide a little more; to go the extra mile. Cornhole, horseshoes and badminton are good group games that are easy to set up and easy to explain. Bringing a small portable speaker with some good background music can improve the overall atmosphere of the event. 

By putting in a little extra effort, you can make your barbecue much more enjoyable for your guests. As the host, it’s important that they are comfortable and properly equipped, and of course, you want them to have a great time. 

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