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Midnight Tango, starring Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone from Strictly Come Dancing, is a great show from start to finish, from the breathtaking dance scenes right through to the comedy of the two bar owners.

They used every inch of the stage, even an upstairs balcony. There was also a real band. Miguel Angel was the main singer, the theme was Spanish and although I couldn’t understand the words, I was spellbound.

Argentina has a rich history. It might’ve once been overlooked by the Spanish Empire. A great land with good soil, weather and resources. The only thing lacking was workers. The government got people from Europe to come over with offers of free food and housing for the first week. Many came, men outnumbered women sky rocketing the population. The only way they could get dates was through dancing. That dance was the tango. The women loved it and so learning it was a very good idea!

With so many men, women were very choosy. You had to stand out or end up dateless as word would spread around. Talk about tough!

As the men had to practise so much, they became good at teaching, as they learnt both sides (leading and following). Once the tango started spreading through the rest of the world, the craze set it. By 1913 global domination had occurred, only Word War 1 interrupted as communications were lost, leading to the discovery of dances like the foxtrot.

After watching this show, I can see why the tango is so magical. It’s very rare that I’ve enjoyed a show that has no dialogue at all. It’s all music and dancing. But it doesn’t matter, the music is the language. I wanted to get yup and dance on the stage with them. The songs were so rich in flavour and depth. Like a strong espresso, you are left buzzed.

The most famous of the songs was ‘Sway’ which the likes of Michael Buble have covered plus in 1999 a group called Shaft did the same.

The main story is there’s a fight for the fair hand of Flavia’s character Sofia. Vincent’s character Pablo loves Sofia but he gets a rival in the shape of fellow dancer Ricardo.

The bar owner’s wife sang a song ‘Temptation’ and that was very good. I’m glad that wasn’t comic, she had a great voice.

The second act kept the pace of the first, more comedy moments from the husband and wife gave good chuckles. Although again there’s no speaking, they relied on facial expression and timing. It’s was perfectly executed.

Can the husband get in his wife’s good books? Who will win Flavia?

There’s a fight between Pablo and Ricardo, a great dance routine really helped define the tension and anger of the two men. The chorography was just mind blowing. The other dancers kept the flow and although they were milling around in the background, they were not a distraction. It melded into one glorious and breathtaking dance.

I will give this 10/10. This is one stage show you should add onto your list. Viva Midnight Tango!

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