The Top Experts’ Advice on Selecting a Kitchen Worktop: Colours, Materials, and More

If you have decided to replace your kitchen worktop, you can be sure to receive advice from all sides – family members, friends, and even acquaintances won’t hesitate to give you their advice when it comes to choosing the best worktop. But whilst this advice can come in useful at, it’s still in your best interest to consider advice from the experts. Here, then, is some top expert advice on selecting a kitchen worktop: colours, materials, and more.

Advice on materials

stuffWhen it comes to worktop materials, natural stone has always been a top choice. Why, you may ask? The answer is simple. Natural stone is strong and can last for years and years. Granite offers complete durability along with a high resistance to damage. It is also stylish and elegant and comes in a variety of colours. Other options for worktop materials include marble and quartz. Marble, whilst being very easily recognisable and beautiful, can be less resistant to damage than granite. Marble is also porous, so it needs to be sealed regularly (as with granite, as well). But regular sealing isn’t difficult, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Quartz is another popular material, even though it’s an engineered stone, because it is highly stain-resistant and can exhibit anti-bacterial properties.

Advice on colours

The hue, pattern, and colour of your kitchen worktop also need to be carefully thought out. You wouldn’t want to choose a good material and then have it end up not going well with your theme, would you?

First of all, if you want a more classic theme, you can opt for either a light colour or a black colour. If you have a modern and contemporary theme, quartz may be a good choice.

Keep the colours in your kitchen to a minimum – after all, it’s not your children’s bedroom! The ideal number of colours for any kitchen would be between four to five, maximum. This would already include the colours for various kitchen elements such as the flooring, shelves/cupboards, walls, and worktop. Keep your colour pallet limited – choose colours that are only one or two shades lighter (or darker) than each other.

Deciding what will work

You also have to think about what will really work for you depending on your habits and lifestyle. Whilst many homeowners choose darker-coloured worktops since they look more stylish, you may want to consider a light-coloured worktop since it is easier to maintain. Stains from coffee, tea, etc. can be more visible on black or darker-coloured worktops than on lighter-coloured ones. Another tip from the granite worktops London experts from J.R. Stone: choose darker colours for your cupboards and shelves and a lighter hue for your flooring for better visual impact.

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