The Riot Club

The Riot Club
The Riot Club is nothing more than the obligatory swipe at rich kids able to attend an exclusive university. I was absolutely astounded by this film for all the wrong reasons. Although this isn’t the first film I’ve seen set in this environment (and I don‘t think it‘ll be the last).

Yet again, rather than do something different, the film concentrated on the more negative sides. Of course drunken games etc go on, but not ONLY in private schools, colleges & universities! So why we require another film focusing on alcoholism et al in a posh university setting is baffling. Not all students behave in this manner!

Max Irons heads the cast of boys ready to party, he plays Miles Richards. The partying is the primary focus of the film and the ramifications of the choices undertaken. This might have been better as a short story? As a whole film about the subject it was just too tedious! Nothing new at all, another judgement about where the rich and famous learn their values (or lack of them).

It was based on an actual club (The Bullingdon Club) which some celebrities and politicians have come from (most notably David Cameron!). So maybe that’s the reason of the film’s negativity?

The only thing the writer Laura Wade has done is inflict the most pointless film on the average cinema goer. I wouldn’t book to see the play this was set from. Posh, I believe its called, by the same writer.

I cannot believe Max Irons agreed to be part of this travesty. Perhaps the offers are thin in the ground? I’d rather he took a job as a waiter! This film only has narrow vision and is full of one dimensional characters. Obviously the writer has some issues to resolve. One can only hope this has satisfied them! Heaven help us all if there’s a sequel!

1/10 from me. Mind you at least it wasn’t CSI: The Movie. Yep that’ll be coming in time.

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