The Rainbow Café

Cambridge has many attractions and once I was walking down King’s Parade with a friend looking for a nice little restaurant. We came across a small sign taking us down into a cellar off King’s Parade to the Rainbow Café – Cambridge’s only vegetarian restaurant. May is the perfect time to visit the Rainbow Café as the end of this month is National Vegetarian Week.

We were impressed by the friendliness of the staff who greeted us and the very beautiful décor inside. It is a very small place and very quaint. This award-winning vegetarian café has an extraordinary menu and offers a variety of dishes from around the world – including Jamaican Patties, Cuban Pecadillo Pie and Indonesian Gado Gado (said to be Gillian McKeith’s favourite choice when the restaurant was featured on her Channel 4 series, You Are What You Eat).

Although we are not vegetarian ourselves, the menu did not bother us in the slightest as it is quite varied and has interesting dishes that one simply has to try. The Latvian Potato Bake and Spinach Lasagne are two very popular dishes. An example of the à la carte menu can be found here. There are also daily specials offered using local and seasonal ingredients.

The food is beautiful and very well presented. The spices and seasonings used in the Rainbow Café are wonderful and make the food extremely tasty. Children under 10 are catered for with a special kids menu and organic baby food is even provided. Watch the video below for an interview about the Rainbow Café:

We were both impressed by the flavour of the food which is entirely vegetarian. The carrot cake is to die for and the Rainbow Café menu quotes the food writer, Nigel Slater, describing it as “the best I ever tasted”. Other notable desserts are the gluten-free, no-added-sugar fruit cake and the totally vegan Swedish Glace soy ice cream which comes in a selection of mouthwatering flavours.

Looking at the drinks menu, all the wines served are vegan, organic and from exclusive vineyards with Soil Association certification. There is also a small selection of vegan beer & cider. Coffee is Fairtrade of course – as you’d expect from this restaurant fully approved by the Vegetarian Society.

The Rainbow Café is highly recommended so please go and try it out. This vibrant café has become a local highlight and is now so popular that one often has to queue to get a table – but don’t let this put you off because the food here is definitely worth the wait. Whether you are vegetarian or not, you will be sure to find a dish here that will enchant you.

Rainbow Vegetarian Café
9a King’s Parade
(Opposite King’s College Gates down the flowery passageway)
Tel: 01223 321551

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