The Radiance Technique® Training at Salus Wellness

Salus Wellness, Cambridge is the only clinic locally to teach the profound, effective healing technique: The Radiance Technique®.   Originally called reiki but renamed The Radiance Technique® it is the pure, complete, system of authentic reiki with seven degrees and twelve attunement processes.  It also has separate and specific teaching attunements.

The essence of us all is transcendence, the still, silent, hidden inner part of ourselves.  Everyone has the capacity to integrate an awareness of transcendence into themselves and it is this experience which heals by making us feel inwardly complete and free.  What makes The Radiance Technique® so exceptionally helpful is that it is a transcendental energy science which means it directly accesses the vibration of transcendence.  Physical well-being and changes in behaviour come from this for both the healer and their clients.

From studying The First Degree of The Radiance Technique® a constant attunement to the vibration of transcendence is created within the touch of the healer.  Consequently this ensures the most powerful and relaxing healing.  It creates a safe healing, one which is unaffected by the physical energy of the healer.  The Radiance Technique® is versatile and further skills to deepen the healing experience are taught on The Second Degree course. Skills which are helpful to all therapists even when touch is not a part of their practice.  It is easily combined with other complementary therapies.

Course participants are also taught to meditate using The Radiance Technique® for the development of inner awareness and to raise their own natural healing vibration. The same course is suitable for those wishing to learn to meditate only.

The Radiance Technique® is helpful for:

  • Anyone wishing to heal themselves or others.
  • All healers – to raise the vibration of their healing.
  • All therapists – to enhance the effectiveness of their present practice.
  • Anyone for whom touch is an essential part of their job.
  • Anyone in need of rest and relaxation.
  • Anyone interested in meditation and spiritual development.

For further information please contact Salus Wellness.

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