The Olympic Legacy

They hope that the London 2012 games will have ‘inspired a generation,’ and I do believe that the impact of the games has been much larger than anticipated, and what it has highlighted is that Sport can make a difference. For as long as I can remember subjects such as sport, music and dance have been seen as ‘extra-curricular’. Sure certain schools have a larger focus than others, but at my school you couldn’t even do P.E. GCSE. The real shame is that Sport, music, dance and art can really make a difference as well.

To use my own experience, I was a shy, easily embarrassed kid- with a big voice. I wanted to sing, but to perform was very daunting. However, once I started, my confidence just grew and grew, and now I can not only sing, but perform and talk to an audience, I can think on my feet if things don’t go to plan, and I’m prepared to be silly and not worry, as I have learnt the more I put into something, the more the audience will be on my side. I have worked in business and I have a degree, but I believe I would never have got as far in those areas had I not become a performer.

Similarly, sport teaches not only fitness and nutrition but how to live by rules, make strategy, to focus on a goal, to live within rules and to work in a team. All of these things are vital to society, and yet they are not taught as actively as simultaneous equations. The older generations speak of national service as building character and pride, I believe that sport could make that same difference, if it was available for more people.

The Paralympics are a fine example of how sport has given people that have come through adversity a means of pushing themselves and becoming maybe even more than they had dreamed of. It is inspiring stuff, and not just to the disabled but everybody. Sport gave them purpose and a goal and now they are at the greatest show on earth.

I would certainly like to see a bigger focus on these subjects, as they are as important as the rest of the curriculum. I hope that Lord Coe does make sure that the legacy of the Olympics is to bring sport to more people, and I hope that society remembers how proud we all were to be British and how everyone came together and supported all of our athletes,regardless of race, creed or religion. Sport brought the world together, and put everyone on a level playing field

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Melanie Macro (BA English Lit, Dip Popular Music Performance) is a professional singer and has worked internationally. She works as a performer and teaches privately in her spare time. She learnt confidence and life skills through performance and feels privileged that she can now help others. She has travelled the world and loves to read and learn. Her interests are eclectic; she believes all subjects can be of interest if you keep an open mind.
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