The Importance of Stretching after Workout

Stretching is an essential part of doing workout, but not many people understand how important it actually is. Stretching exercises reduce muscle fatigue and facilitate the recovery of muscles and as such are really important for your daily workout routine to be successful and provide you with the desired results.

An added bonus of stretching is that you don’t need to have a fitness expert advising you all the time to execute stretches properly. It is not like you want somebody to give you advice on complex issues such as web development, SEO, web design or internet marketing. In that case you would have no choice, but to hire an experienced company such as to provide you with the advice which you so desperately need. Stretching is not like that, as you only need to know several basic stretches and then you can implement them all on your own.


Muscles, as you can imagine, are the ones which work the hardest during workouts. However, to be able to actually work, muscles need energy, just like a machine needs fuel to be operational. Similarly, just like a machine creates waste products during its operational hours, muscles also create waste products. Stretching is a way of reducing the effects of those waste products.

In addition to this, the muscle fibre structure of a given muscle is disrupted and there are tons of microscopic tears which are created during the workout process. The same analogy with the machine can be used for this aspect as well. As the machine suffers from constant operation, a mechanic has to come from time to time to reset the machine to make it fully operational once again. Stretching is what the mechanic would do to recover the muscles.

It has to be said however, that stretching does not have the same recovery effects as some other recovery methods which are more effective at removing lactic acid and recovering muscle fibre. This is not to say that stretching exercises don’t help in the recovery phase, but they need to be used in combination with other methods such as ice water immersion, compression, and massage to produce the best effects in reducing a muscle’s inflammatory response.


The biggest advantage of stretching is not in recovery of muscles, but in their remodelling. Remodelling is the changing of the muscle structure which results in the positive changes that people want to see when they work out. There are various types of stretching which serve different remodelling purposes, but all of them are crucial to preparing the body to properly respond to the increased physical workload which will come as a result of the workout.

If we stick with the machine analogy, if the company would like to upgrade the machine so that it could perform more functions it would have to work on changing its structure in order to make it capable of producing a larger variety of products.

Remodelling is most present in athletes who have rigorous daily workouts. That’s why they need stretching the most. If you are exercising to lose weight or to improve your overall well being, chances are that you are not going to see immediately the effects of remodelling, but over time.

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