The Gourmet’s Guide to Travel Photography

Travel photography is a lucrative hobby, as millions around the world love traveling. There are always new cultures to see and new experiences to be made, and capturing that with a camera is a great way of portraying an experience to someone else. Furthermore, out of many ways to earn money as a photographer, travel photography is probably the most adventurous one.

One of the things many people love talking about is foreign cuisine, as it greatly differs from one place to another. So, knowing how to take images of food is going to be quite useful while you are traveling.

Depth of field

Creating a breathtaking bokeh is the main reason why people love playing with the depth of field on their professional cameras. However, always going with a wide aperture may not be the wisest choice. If you are planning to shoot the same types of food on the table, such as cookies, going with a wider aperture is a great choice. However, if you are shooting at an angle in which you want multiple things in focus, it is better to go with a smaller aperture and have multiple items that are clearly visible.


Lighting is everything in photography. No matter how good a sensor you are packing, if there is not enough light, you are not going to take a great photo. Luckily, food photography can be performed with a single light and a light reflector with good photo editing services. To create the best lighting conditions, it is best to use a soft box with a reflector placed across it.

Since you are going to be traveling a lot, a great idea is to get a portable soft box that will allow you to set it up easily in a short time frame. There are plenty of portable softboxes that can be easily attached to the camera. Do your research and you will be amazed with the pieces of gear that you could find, which are going to let you take great photos.

Pick different angles

Like with other types of photography, it is essential to take as many photos as possible. It is always better to have a certain set of photos which you can choose from. However, taking photos from the same angle is not going to be quite fruitful. Don’t be lazy, but play with position of your light source and take as many photos from as many different angles as possible. This kind of technique goes well with the next point.

Know the photo’s purpose

Before you start shooting photos, you need to know the purpose they are going to serve. Is it going to be in a recipe book cover? Are they going to be in the recipe book? Are you going to use it for your stock photo portfolio? Paying attention to this fact is going to let you carefully choose the right frame for your photos.

These are some of the most important things you should keep in mind if you are planning to take food photos during your travel photography adventures. All you need is a portable softbox and a lot of patience and it will all result in a set of breathtaking food photos.

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