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The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller about what happens when a woman sees something from a train.

A rather complex plot in which Rachel (Emily Blunt) was in a marriage, but she’s an alcoholic who has black outs. Tom (Justin Theroux) is her ex-husband and she believes they spilt up because of her alcohol addiction and unable to account for large gaps of time.

Now Rachel is living with a friend and travels on the trains spying on Tom. As you do when you’ve nothing else to do. She wasn’t happy to catch him with another woman called Anna. Going backwards and forwards on the trains – no it’s not really supposed to be her day job. Rachel gets jealous of another couple she sees and thinks they have the marriage she wants.

Scott (Luke Evans) and Megan (Haley Bennett) don’t appear to have the ideal lifestyle though. Rachel sees Megan on the balcony one day with another man – she goes berserk and intends to lecture Megan – how dare she ruin an ideal marriage! She doesn’t know them but what does that matter? But somehow she blacks out and wakes up in her own house hours later, all bruised. What happened in all that time?

The police think Rachel is responsible when Megan is reported missing. Then Scott gets arrested and then Megan’s baby might be fathered by another man! Not Scott’s nor the man spotted on the balcony.
Then Rachel’s husband Tom gets thrown into the mix as he might have something to do with Megan’s disappearance or was it Anna? Rachel’s all confused!

Well, Rachel wasn’t the only one! This was extremely difficult to follow. With so many twists and turns it could’ve been added to the Maze Runner franchise! Doctors, husbands – no ex-husbands, mistresses even get brought in and added to goings on. What did Rachel really see? Is her mind her own? Or is it Anna’s? Or Tom’s? Has Rachel been a pawn all her life with no control at all?

It all got a little muddled for me. It felt they were just making things up as they went along. I haven’t read the book but based on this offering I don’t want to be confused anymore than I am. Also it wasn’t as tense as the Miss Marple mystery offering 4.06pm from Paddington. Which was also about what someone spotted from a train.

If Rachel was being controlled surely she would be kept drugged or something. They wouldn’t want her running around amok. It didn’t make sense that she was so dependent that she could be independent.

There’s only one thing I am sure of. That’s my mark. 5/10 from me. Very ambitious but it just felt like a big Lego set before you finish it – things all over the place and you’re sure you’ve missed a bit somewhere!

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