The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 9

In Chapter 9 of The Dating Diary of Miss X, our very single and very anonymous Miss X talks about Mr Toyboy at home and Mr French on holiday…

woman_head_silhouetteSo the trip to France has already been and gone but what a fun time. It was more about a bit of R&R rather than S&M however a super time was had. The beauty with being single is you can actually get on and do trips like this. I now want to book more weekends away with or without anyone. The only downside to going away on your own is it can get a bit boring and you don’t always want to sit alone in estaurants. Apart from that it’s great!

I left on a very sunny morning just after Easter. Easter was quite blissful with the parents. Oh just before Easter I had a bit of fun.

Through work met Mr Toyboy who works in another department at work and apparently has a crush on me. Yes it’s always the ones who are totally unsuitable who always seem to be the most interested. But Mr Toyboy is incredibly good looking, tall, blond and very Dutch. We met just before the Easter break – I had finished work exceedingly late in PR by gone 9 and decided to join the gang in the local pub.

Mr Toyboy looked incredibly hot but talking to the rest of the group. I find it all slightly embarrassing as he has told everyone he fancies me. Nothing to hide then. We chatted a bit but I can’t get over the fact even he is below the minimum age I normally go for. Not ridiculously of course and there are worse cougars out there but still. He walked me to the bus stop – how adolescent is that and tried to kiss me. I don’t know why I didn’t respond. It just didn’t feel right, no ideas why. Finally my bus arrived and off I went – perhaps it was just at the back of my mind and more trouble can only begin. Plus holiday in between.

So post Easter I caught my plane to Nice. It was so terribly exciting to be flying on my own on a new adventure. I could so get used to this. It felt almost surreal to be spending some time with no one else bothering me or asking questions. Bliss.

Plane left on time and got to Nice around midday. Perfect. Got off the plane and even then felt the difference in temperature. In April! It must have been in the early twenties. Caught the bus to the city Centre which was so easy and found my Hotel almost immediately. Lovely boutique style, cute and got upgraded to a King size room. Now that is more like it.

Spent day one on my own enjoying wandering around the Old Town. Hotel was very close and just off the Promenade Des Anglaises. The beach had the bluest sea you can ever imagine. It had that sort of aquamarine, bluey haze which twinkles in the sun. I was addicted to it immediately and headed for the beach where I rested imagining what I would normally be doing at work – the usual craziness of dealing PR deadlines, networking and general admin.

Later I went to the Old Town of Nice which is very similar to Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Long windy cobbled streets leading to old style restaurants, cafe’s and lovely squares. There was a feeling of laissez faire which I thought I could really get used to (well just for a bit as I’d miss my town life way too much) After a lovely day to myself I resigned myself to the largest King sized bed in the world (or so I call it) with the biggest walk in shower and watched bad French TV, mostly dubbed and films that they decide to dub too: why I ask myself.

Got a few facebook messages from Mr French asking what I was doing. I couldn’t work out whether he wanted to join me that night or the one after. He told me to be waiting at 11 ish the next day and we’d be going for a surprise.

Check out Chapter 10 of the Dating Diary of Miss X next Friday to find out about Mr French’s surprise and more!

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