The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 8

In Chapter 8 of The Dating Diary of Miss X, our very single and very anonymous Miss X talks about fending off Mr Gin whilst finding possible dates at a Beer Festival and there’s a impending trip to see Mr French…

woman_head_silhouetteI have been out and about recently and have been in the company of some nice guys. My job involves meeting interesting people all the time – I also still meet contacts from my old industry the Drinks business.  This was when I was selling that lovely spirit gin for 3 years. It’s now really fashionable and I help in my bar with promoting gin just not selling it – it’s all win win.

So where have I been recently.  Well I went to a Beer festival only a few weeks ago. This was fun. I decided to have a bit of craziness and this was it. It took place in a large venue on Brick Lane. Beer being beer meant it would be well attended by guys with very few ladies (ie competition) around.  I had a blast – ended up drinking a fair amount of selected beer / ales and then discovering a cocktail “pop up” stand at the same venue serving gin specials all night.

Met up with Mr Gin – a gin ex contact of mine – who is slightly older and has always been a bit of a sleaze who decided to be friendly at the start which was fine before trying to hook me up with some nice men in there (he seemed to take pity on me and my singledom status) telling me I was fantastic and wonderful – “why haven’t you got a boyfriend… are the men mad”  The amount of times I hear this and I wonder why guys tell me this, before trying to pounce on me which unfortunately he did later – no funny business at all but he did manage to get back to my place, where we continued the gin theme but all I had was a very cheap supermarket brand and we both passed out (thank goodness).

To show what an alcoholic he must be, he asked me for a swig of it in the morning before he departed….

The best bit about Mr Gin is that although he was certainly not attractive I did however like his sense of humour/fun and charisma. On the night he mentioned a girlfriend/fiance – this then became a girlfriend to getting married next year, to no girlfriend. I was not going to even go there but he continued to text me the day after he left (and after his swig of gin at 10 am in the morning – a Sunday) becoming very intimate on texts before texting me the next day with “I don’t think we should see each other it just wouldn’t be right. I’m getting married  next year and it’s just not right”.

I texted Mr Gin with ” Thank goodness – well works to that effect – I am not your fiance/girlfriend/ whatever – a lucky escape for me last night, I actually feel sorry for your girlfriend getting married to such a p**** like you. **** off.

Never again.

However whilst I was fending this man away, another couple of chaps took my fancy. Although Mr Gin kept trying to usher them away!  One was Mr Cute who was good looking from what I can remember but that isn’t much apart from the way out of the venue! Another was Mr Pop Up who owned the famous “pop up” bar. It was like all my Christmasses rolled into one – or Easter Eggs even.

One has since texted although I can’t quite remember what he was like. At least he was honest when he texted me  “Hey it’s ____ here, lovely to meet you at the beer festival. It was all a bit drunk and hazy but wondered whether you wanted to catch up”.

I thought that was well constructed, honest and I probably would have written the same.  That night I had my own personal cards to hand out – a PR friend of mine told me to always go out prepared for action.  The date is this week and makes it date number 5 in total for this year. Let’s see how we fare…

I also have a longer distance date/meeting in the South of France over Easter after the weekend.  Mr French is a friend of mine from the South who moved back from the UK last year. We tried to meet up over the Summer but I got cold feet. This year I decided to go for it – my new mantra is just to go for it – make the most of every opportunity and just say yes (well there are some circumstances where you can’t always say yes and Mr Stockings is one example)  so he asked me last week to visit him soon and I have holiday which I need to use up so why not.  It will be around a week in Nice/Cannes and along the coast. I’ve already booked in a few South of France hotels through my Hotel which is part of a big chain and look forward to some fun in the sun!

There is also a big whisky show soon so I’ll go to that. Whisky is another area being male dominated. I am going in a PR way to “network” and to see what business I can help with as we are opening a whisky bar in our venue. I am going for the new contacts of course darrrlings however may have to see what’s out there, in terms of whisky samples of course!

Check back next Friday for Chapter 9 of The Dating Diary of Miss X

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