The Dating Diary of Miss X – Chapter 7

In Cha pter 7 of The Dating Diary of Miss X, our very single and very anonymous Miss X talks about how things went with Mr LinkedIn from Chapter 6.

It was very bizarre as I contacted Mr LinkedIn just before Christmas on a social network site as a new contact and he was in touch from the off. It was like we had not lost touch at all. He was most interested by my status of single or not.  He was most interested as to who I’d been out with over the past few years and most interested in my sex life. Yes that was quite odd but he was always a bit odd. Another reason why I went off him then (which I remembered recently) was the fact that we hadn’t actually got to that intimate side as he would somehow put me off quite easily. The only way to really seduce a lady is to be charming and not mention sex every 5 minutes. He would mention all sorts of intimate things without us even having slept together. It was weird.  When we were facebook friends he’d do the same. Even this time he told me he wanted me in stockings as “tights were the devils work”   I do concur with this statement but could he put a stocking in it until we’ve at least met up a few more times and then perhaps….

We tried to meet up pre-Christmas but of course it didn’t happen due to parties and the like. Over Christmas/New Year we were in touch and he was very quick on the texts plus we arranged to meet up early in the New Year once he was back at work. I was working a bit in between Christmas/New Year in my new PR and Marketing role.

We met up once since the New Year and it was a great date. The first time we were due to meet up he stood me up!  Well he had to “work late” I took the benefit of the doubt and believed it. I didn’t want to as after cancelling the date due to a “conference call” he called/texted and generally pestered me again for a date so I agreed to one more chance.

We met up for the first time in 5 years and had a great evening. I felt an instant attraction to him and it was like old times. The venue he picked was ideal: Gordon’s Wine Bar on Villiers Street which is the most perfect first/second/tenth date venue in London. What makes it so perfect is the intimacy of the place: it is such a non-secret venue, very sexy, dark, dingy and oh so perfect. Their red wines are to die for and you can easily get lost there literally!  Love the cheese boards and sharing meats too.

So date went really well. We reminisced over old times, old dates from the Agency. He was still upset at my terrible matchmaking skills having sent him on some awful dates (I smirked to myself) but also told me about his recent dalliances with ladies. He was most interested in my situation and recent one. I actually didn’t have much to say although there was a dalliance at the beginning of the year with another ex friend from My Single Friend.  He asked me when my last encounter was and I of course lied and told him last year but was very sketchy on that (none of his business, after all).

I really liked him: what I like about him is his humour, fun, intelligence, good outlook and enjoys life. He is now 40 and I had the feeling he was also ready to meet someone.

However for some unknown reason we still haven’t managed to meet up in around 2 months.

He started out being pretty good on texts/emails but “work has been busy”. I really feel he want’s to meet up but it just hasn’t happened. I have resigned myself to the fact that we may not meet again and have been busy myself with long days and some evenings.

However he still sends the odd email which is so odd as he still refers to me in that naughty way and always checks to see I’m behaving. It’s a bit odd. He has since gone skiing as it was “ski season” and he’s busy again. Whatever!

Check back next Friday for Chapter 8 of The Dating Diary of Miss X

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